April 16, 2015

Thoughts of a Sleep Deprived Mom

Sleep deprivation: a cruel form of torture administered by a small, tiny human. I wish, I really wish, I was one of those people who didn't NEED eight hours of sleep. I wish I could function on five, six, or even seven hours of sleep. I'm so not one of those people. I've always needed a solid eight hours- pulling an all nighter didn't happen until Miss A was born. Never did it in college, never in high school. I need sleep.

As we all know, the beginnings of life with a newborn is all about feedings and diaper changes. At six weeks old, we've had one four hour stretch of sleep (yay!), where I proceeded to wake up constantly thinking he was going to wake at any moment to nurse. Oh, body, how you torture me too.

Despite being so tired, this is nothing, I repeat, nothing compared to what I went through with Miss A. Girlfriend slept the ENTIRE day and was up the ENTIRE night. For months, despite all our efforts to flip her from day to night. You name it, we did it, and nothing worked. So she was up all night and I was a wreck. So. This seriously isn't that bad. I can handle this! Even still, it's amazing what sleep deprivation can do to you and I've started keeping track of the hilarious things that have crossed through my mind.

What day is it?
How is it already 11:00am? How is it only 9:00am?
Did I lock the front door?
Where did I put _________? (keys, wallet, my coffee, the baby's car seat, my phone
When did I last do laundry? 
I need chocolate, NOW.
I need more coffee.
Is it too early for wine?
We're out of wine. 
We're out of coffee.
After going to Target for just three items...I forgot the dishwasher detergent. Face palm.  
While peeling an orange... Where did the other half of the orange go? Oh, I ate it already.
While in the middle of an task... What was I just doing? 
Why am I in the pantry? 
Why is the fridge open? 
I didn't put detergent in the laundry...I didn't dry the laundry. 
What side did I feed him with last? (A hundred times a day I wonder this)
I'm SO hungry.

and a million other crazy things. 

And you know what else I've wondered...how did moms do it before iPhones? With my phone I'm able to "write" down things that I know I'll forget a second later all by talking to Siri. To get an actual piece of paper and pen? Ha. I'd forget where I put it or get distracted and never write anything down. Also, the ability to stay connected- to Facebook, to friends through text messages (forget actual phone calls right now), is amazing. We are so lucky to live in the age that we do. 


  1. I think there is an app out that helps with remembering what side you last fed from. I could be making this up but I thought I was told about it when C was little.
    All those thoughts, I still have them with an almost 2.5 year old. Thanks to his wacky sleeping habits, I've decided to just go with it and I'll sleep when he goes to college. Only 16 more years. OY!

  2. Totally agree with you about the iphone thing!! I can't wait to nurse a baby in the middle of the night this time around now that I will have way more entertainment than 5 years ago! lol!

    I really wish I had kept a journal of the HILARIOUS things Jim and I said to each other in our crazed sleep deprived state. Totally doing that this time around.

  3. Oh girl, this is what makes me the most nervous about two. Like you, I NEEEEED sleep! Looks like you are doing a great job though, he is as cute as ever! XO

  4. I 150% feel you on the needing sleep! I am the same way! I too wish I could get by on less sleep - I'd get so much more done. Alas I'm not that way. The early days were so so so so hard! I love your random thoughts and man no you don't want to be out of coffee or wine right now! Just sending you lots of hugs and an a little understanding about needing to sleep 8 hours!

  5. We are only on day 5, and I am already feeling what you're feeling, sweet girl. I'm right there with you. Little Viv has her days and nights confused right now and is ready to party all night. And when she is quiet, I get worried and can't sleep anyways. Sigh. Motherhood. These days are fleeting!


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