April 29, 2015

Baby J's Newborn Photo Session

J's newborn photos were taken in our home, ten days after he was born. It was the first day we were on our own- a four day stretch until my mom arrived. I was grateful for the company that morning, my friend, who personally knew a photographer and raved about her work, came together and spent several hours with us. They were so wonderful, Emily, the photographer, was a dream, and my friend was SO sweet to bring over several of her daughter's dresses for Miss A to try on. I thought I'd have more time to plan out her outfit, so I felt pretty unprepared, but she saved the day with many dresses and coordinating headbands to choose from.

I'm SO glad Miss A did so well. She was all smiles for the camera and excited to "help" out. J slept for most of the shoot, but he did wake up at the end and we were able to get some photos of his eyes open. I'm unbelievably happy with these pictures, I just adore them and know I will cherish them for years to come. I'm having a really hard time trying to decide which ones to frame!

Location: Our Home
Photographer: Carolina Light Waves
J was 10 days old, 4.7 pounds, 17 inches long
Miss A was 2.5 and 3 months old


  1. Beautiful photos!!! My fav is miss A in the yellow dress laying down with her arms up. So serious and so sweet at the same time!

  2. J is so tiny and sweet in these photos. And what a good big sister Miss A is. Yellow is definitely her color, by the way. She looks beautiful in that yellow dress!


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