February 9, 2015

When February Gives You Sunshine

This weekend was glorious, in terms of the weather. Sunny, crisp breezes, and temperatures above 60. It was 70 on Sunday people, 70! I couldn't get enough of it and now I'm absolutely itching for Spring. Why does winter last forever?

On Saturday it was just us girls so we went grocery shopping, came home and spent a good chunk of the afternoon outside on our deck, coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles, and using our swing set. I soaked up the sunshine, sitting right in the middle of it, letting it warm up my neck and back. It felt SO good. Miss A wanted to do some exploring of the backyard, so she picked up sticks, leaves, you name it. She was happy, and I was too. There's just something about fresh air.

Sunday was a wonderful family day. We tackled a few things we've I've been wanting to do in the house- hanging pictures, our new canvas that arrived, some robot decor in the baby's room. It feels good to get those things crossed off our list! Miss A took a long nap and I went back on the deck to soak up the sun again. Once she was up we raced over to the park along with everyone else it seemed, it was packed! This particular park has a huge field, a fallen tree log, and a bridge. Perfect for little explores. Once we played for a while we went to see the log, hop on the stump, and took a few pictures.

I took along our actual camera because I was hoping to take full advantage of the weather and of my hubby. ;) I'm not taking professional maternity photos this time around, as I'd rather save our money for newborn photos. I asked the hubby if he could snap a few pictures, seeing as it would probably be a while until our next warm day. He's such a sweetie and took some lovely shots.

After running up and down the bridge a couple of times and hitting the tunnel slides (with Daddy, thank goodness for Daddy) it was time to head home for dinner. I had chicken thighs marinating in the fridge with olive oil, juice of a lemon, dijon mustard, oregano, and parsley. It's one of my favorite ways to flavor up chicken thighs and it's so easy to put together. In the oven they went with roasted carrots and diced up sweet potatoes. I also had a peanut butter cookie mix to use up so we made those (I ate half of one, so sad) and curled up on the couch for family movie night- a new thing for us! Now that Miss A is old enough to sit and watch a movie from beginning to end we've complied a list of all the kid movies we'd like to watch with her. Big Hero 6 was on the agenda, but I think it's still a tad too old for her, so we switched it off after about a half hour and put on Cinderella, which she has been asking to see. She was completely transfixed and we all cuddled on the couch until it was time to put her to bed. Sweet, sweet nights like these make me so happy. I hope your weekend was just as lovely!


  1. I am so looking forward to family movie nights! So far, Caleb will sit through about 30 minutes to an hour of movies like Cars or Winnie the Pooh, but I am so excited for the day when he can watch a whole movie:)

  2. Love family movie nights! We like to watch animations and adventure movies.

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