February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Crafts

I'm having trouble commenting on blogs lately. Whenever I do, I get an email sent back to me saying "message failed to deliver". Anyone have any idea why and how I can get this fixed?? I promise I've been reading your blogs, but I can't let you know!

I love being crafty for every holiday. Valentine's Day crafts are fun and probably one of my favorite holidays to get creative with- hearts, glitter, red, and pink? You bet I'm all about that. I'm not afraid of making a mess at the kitchen table, where we do most of our crafting. Glitter, glue, paint, you name it, we'll do it! Miss A loves it and so do I as I can have a little fun with it myself too.

We've done a few crafts at home and some with our friends, including making our own Valentine's for family members, gluing tissue balls onto a giant heart, and getting our hands messy with red paint. You can also see pictures on Instagram.

Gluing tissue paper balls was a new project for Miss A. I tore up pieces of paper, drew a big heart, and dotted glue. At first she was all about filling in the heart, then she wanted to make glue dots herself and as you can see, she preferred doing so outside the lines. ;)

I tapped these two works of art on our kitchen door. The first one is her hand painted red. The idea was to make a heart with her hands, but once she saw how fun it was to stamp her hand down, she wanted to keep doing it! The second picture, I drew hearts on a big sheet of paper and taped it to her easel and let her fill them in with pink and red paint. 

Window decals! Not a craft, but they're fun and can occupy a toddler for a few minutes. I love picking these up whenever I see them at Target or the Dollar Tree. I've had this set forever and completely forgot about it until I was searching for our Valentine decor. She loves window clings and enjoyed rearranging them all over our glass door. I also saw this idea for a valentine sensory bin and noddle necklaces

We happened to be at a crafting store recently and there was red and pink paint set up with toilet paper rolls taped down to make the shape of a heart. Another fun idea to do yourself at home!

Of course no holiday is complete without making some treats. I'd like to make these chocolate heart cookies and decorate them with pink frosting and sprinkles. This might happen next week with our friends, so I don't have a box of cookies lying in the house that I can't eat! I also love these heart rice krispy treats and cherry hand pies. I may have to save them for next year when I can actually indulge and enjoy them!

What have you done to celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. We love painting for Valentine's day and making heart shaped foods! This year we made tissue paper heart suncatchers - great in theory, but very hard for tiny uncoordinated hands. :) Mama did most of the work on those.

  2. Fab post. Love the tissue paper balls idea. Glad i've found your blog. Will give you a follow xx



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