February 6, 2015

Five Friday Thoughts & Shares

1. I went to the doctor again this week to talk about my log. Oy, I feel like every time I go I'm learning something new. Despite all that I'm doing right now, my blood sugar could go up all on its own, without me changing a damn thing. Really? How frustrating would that be! Yes, I know I shouldn't worry about it now because my levels have been great...great where I was slightly in denial thinking there's gotta be a mistake, can I go back to normal now please? They'll be keeping a close eye on it as well as on baby, another ultrasound is scheduled for next week. I might as well live at the doctor's office!

2. Miss A is going to preschool in the fall! Yesterday I had to go to a public lottery for a school I absolutely fell in love with last month when we went on a tour. I loved it so much that I actually told my husband how fun it would be to work there! Mind you, I'm a former 5th grade teacher and the little ones are usually not my cup of tea, but walking through that school and seeing all the activities preschoolers work on got me all excited. Maybe one day? Anywho, I really, really wanted Miss A to go there and spots are limited, as many of the preschools in our area are very small. So I went to the lottery, drew a ball, and our number was called FIRST! Talk about luck! We're so excited and I have a feeling she is going to love going to "school" in seven months!

3. I'm itching to do some Spring shopping. These sweaters, pants, and scarfs are getting old. If you don't read Megan's blog, Honey We're Home, you're missing out. Every week she shares her fashion picks in a weekend "steals and deals" post and snaps photos of outfits she wears, linking everything from head to toe. I'm basically living vicariously through her fashion wise.

4. Miss A and I went to check out a crafting place for kids yesterday afternoon. I've heard good things from friends and since we happened to be in the area we stopped by. There were several crafts set up as well as some hands on toys and play doh. It was fun to relax and let her play for awhile, she was totally in her element. I love how much she loves to craft and explore new places.

5. Can you share with me some of your favorite low-carb meals? Dinner is the hardest to plan for right now. Most nights I'm having some kind of protein with a pile of veggies and I'm sad to say but I'm getting bored of eating this way! What I really want is a donut.

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  1. I found a recipe for stuffed sweet potatoes that I'm really excited about (http://www.cleaneatingmag.com/recipes/stuffed-sweet-potatoes-with-spicy-black-beans-avocado-lime-cream/) and I really like quinoa as a substitute for carbs. I love it in salads, casseroles, and any time a recipe calls for rice. I'm not a huge fan of it plain, but I've dressed it up a few times and served it as a side and it was pretty tasty. I also love big dinner salads when I'm avoiding carbs.

    You should search Pinterest for Paleo-friendly recipes. I bet you'll find lots of great stuff that way.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation to Megan's blog! I love her style - though I definitely don't need more reasons to shop, lol!:) Continuing to hope and pray that things go well for you and that little one you're cooking - despite how inconvenient and difficult it is to modify eating habits daily! And how exciting that Miss A got into a preschool program! Caleb will be going into a 2 year old class and I am looking forward to it, but am also sad that he is such a big boy!!!


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