February 13, 2015

Five Friday Shares- Gym Fun, Paci Weaning, and Sweet Treats!

1. We've had a pretty good week! Besides taking the pacifier away (which you can read more about below), our week was great. A few playdates, an ultrasound appointment, and some time with Daddy. I signed Miss A up for a preview class at a children's gym on Tuesday. Daddy was off so he was able to join us, something so rare! It was a mash up of ballet and gymnastics. She's been talking about ballerinas a lot lately so I thought she would love it. Well, imagine our surprise when she refused to take part in any of the ballet moves, watching from the sidelines instead. She was so shy, we couldn't figure out why. Once we got into the gym, she broke out of her shell had a great time!

After the class we popped into a coffee shop next door, where he got a smore's mocha and Miss A got a mini chocolate cupcake. We also had our ultrasound that morning and I'm happy to say little man is growing steadily, despite being on the small side like his sister, there's no concern about his growth. That was a huge sigh of relief and I can't wait to meet him in a few short weeks!

2. So. The pacifier. We've wanted to take it away for a while now but have been too chicken to pull the plug. The time came on Thursday night when it was decided for us when I noticed two tears in the plastic. We had one more spare, which I let her use Thursday night, but Friday morning I told her it was time to throw them away, and she could get a new toy instead. She happily threw them out and we went to Target to find some Doc McStuffin toys. I knew it was too easy- last night she was so miserable. The most miserable I've seen her in a long time. She couldn't figure out how to fall asleep without it so I kept going into her room to soothe her and eventually sat at her beside and sang songs until she fell asleep. So heartbreaking. She was up for the day by 6, but she did sleep a full six hours, more than I thought she would. Any tips for making this transition easier??

3. Talk to me about FREEZER MEALS. I'd really like to have some prepped before baby, so I'm thinking of starting soon. Any recommendations besides the obvious casseroles and lasagna? Bonus points for links!!  

4. With Valentines's Day tomorrow, there have been SO many sweet treats posted throughout blog land that have my mouth watering. Like these raspberry brownie bites. Or these chocolate covered pretzels. I'm a sucker for colorful sprinkles. And cookie sundaes for two! I'm definitely going to be making those for a future date night in after baby is born (and I'm no longer a diabetic). 

What will you be doing for Valentine's Day? We'll be celebrating a bit late as the hubby has to work all weekend- but we do have a date night scheduled soon and I'm definitely looking forward to it! 

5. In case you've missed any of my posts this week- I know I haven't been a good blogger in terms of scheduling my posts regularly, I shared our valentine crafts and pictures from our weekend

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day weekend! 

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  1. How fun! I want to get Mia signed up for a little gym class! Or dance class. Something!! We JUST moved and it's been rough trying to find a new routine between unpacking and trying to get settled, ha!
    I'm so sorry it's so rough taking the paci away! Mia was HOOKED to hers and we finally took it away by 22 months, ha! I did it slowly. First, we stopped letting her have it in the car. Then we took it away at night, and last, at nap time. Kind of weird and I totally thought we would do it cold turkey, but this ended up being the easiest transition for all of us! You can read about it if you want: http://barbieandkenbrinkerhoff.blogspot.com/2014/12/bye-bye-binky.html
    Anyway, good luck momma! I know how awful it is :(

  2. Funny that she wanted nothing to do with the ballet. I'd been pondering a dance type class for Aria but she's pretty shy. I'm curious how it will go.
    http://www.thecomfortofcooking.com/2012/02/crock-pot-chicken-taco-chili.html <- is delicious from the freezer!
    Happy Valentine weekend!

    1. ps a few of your social media buttons go nowhere. heads up!

  3. Love the sweets and crafts! I hope the transition starts to go smoothly- gives me a preview of the future for sure! Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!


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