February 17, 2015

Baby #2 Wishlist

I love reading what other moms have loved or deemed necessary for having a baby. Now that we're getting down to the wire, I'm scrambling to make sure we have everything we need. Soon I'll be picking up diapers, diaper cream, wipes, and other small essentials, just to have them stocked and ready to go. It's crazy thinking about all this- on one hand it feels like we still have so much time, and on the other I'm starting to freak out! I'm 35 weeks today and before we know it, it will be March!

We are fortunate not to need very much; most of our big ticket baby items that we used for Miss A are in great condition. We'll be using her rock and play, with a new appropriate boy cover, her crib, changing table, bouncer, and pack n play. We received many beautiful baby boy outfits at our shower in Miami. Of course, I'm slowly adding to his wardrobe, seeing as it's impossible to resist adorable new baby clothes. He still need socks, some basic newborn onesies, and mittens. His nursery is almost done! I can't wait to show it to you. I'm waiting for the mobile to arrive and looking for the perfect white shelves to display small trinkets and photos. I've wanted to share what we wished for this time around, a few new "essentials" for our baby boy.

Baby #2 Wishlist

1. The first is the highly rated Mamaroo. I was able to find it through a buy/sell Facebook group in my area for a great price. I'm hopeful this will help in those early months with sleep. It has five different settings, various music options, including one that sounds like the womb! I wish I had it for Miss A when she was a baby, we used an older swing gifted to us, which doesn't have a buckle anymore, so I figured we would benefit with a replacement. I love it and I hope baby boy does too!

2, These mittens are beloved by many bloggers and by reviewers on Amazon. I remember having to constantly put on Miss A's mittens, they were always falling off. Maybe these will live up to the hype and stay on!

3. An Aden by Aden Anais swaddle. I'm a fan of their blankets, some of my favorite baby blankets of Miss A's are by them and we have several new ones waiting to be used. I was not aware they also made swaddles. We used velcro ones with Miss A which made swaddling so easy. Of course all of hers were in pink, so we needed some new ones!

4. A nursing bra. All my previous nursing bras are from Target. While they did the job, they are certainly not great quality and the cups were in bad shape by the time I was done nursing. I'd love some new bras, and this one from Cake has amazing reviews. The only thing I'm not loving..the $50 price tag. :/

5. Can you believe we did not have a Sophie for Miss A? She was never into teethers to begin with, so I didn't look around much for something to give her. I'd like to have one for her brother just to see what all the fuss is about!

6. Another item beloved by many are these washable nursing pads. I used disposable ones last time and they were great, however I'd love to save some money by not having to buy several boxes. I love that these are washable and from what I've heard hold up well after being in the washing machine. They're cute too, and colorful!

So there you have it. A few of my wishes. If there's anything you've absolutely loved and found essential for baby (or for YOU postpartum), please share! I love learning about new baby items, there's so much out there, it's impossible to know about it all!


  1. We got Caleb's nursery white nursery shelves from Target (their Threshold brand), and they've been great. They will be staying in the nursery to display some sweet little things for Vivian:)

    I've heard great things about the MamaRoo - but unless I can find one on a deal like you did, we will be going without it. The price - eeek! We had a great swing for Caleb, and will just plan to use that again for Vivian. I did register for a new bouncey seat and rock n play, so hopefully we will receive one of those items:) And I love those nursing pads. SO cute! I tried some nursing pads from Lansinoh that were washable. But they were not very absorbent, and I constantly leaked through them, so I had to wear the disposable ones (which absorbed a TON!) I would be willing to try a different brand of washable pads though, as I love the idea of not being wasteful and of saving money by being able to reuse the pads over and over!:)

  2. We are hoping to get a Mamaroo for the second one too! I have to say I tried the Target bras too and they didn't work for me. Look for Cake bras on Zulily and Gilt. I got two of mine there and I wear them constantly (my pregnancy boobs don't fit in my old bras and I won't buy anymore if they aren't nursing bras!) Destination Maternity also has them if you want to try them on. Occasionally they will have a good deal. Good luck! You are in the home stretch!

  3. Great list! I wanted a Mamaroo for our second too (since our first used the swing so much he wore it out), but never ended up finding one. And you can never go wrong with Sophie! My 2.5 year old still loves his Sophie (as a play toy, not a teether), so we had to buy a new one for the baby.

  4. Oh I can't wait to see you as a boy Mom. I love having a house full of all things boys!


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