January 26, 2015

Weekend Happenings

When we actually have a weekend, I like to write a post dedicated to what we did, even if it wasn't much of anything at all. Weekends as a family are so rare that they deserve to be documented!

Friday and Saturday were spent as a family of three- knocking things off our to-do list, venturing out for some playtime fun and burgers, and hanging at home. For the first half of Friday, we didn't do much. I was shocked when Miss A took a two hour nap- somehow this happens whenever my husband puts her down. Why is that! He ended up falling asleep too, poor guy is never caught up on sleep and needs to rest whenever he can. I took advantage of the quiet time and watched an episode of Reign, then took a nice hot shower, did my nails, and prettied myself up for the rest of the day. It's amazing what a little pampering can do for your mood!

After we were all up and ready, we headed to this play place that has lots of inflatables, a bounce house, and several huge wooden play structures with the fastest slides I've ever been on. Literally, you fly right off them, it's so much fun and Miss A had a blast with her Daddy. I hung back and watched most of the time, seeing as I've gotta take care of this belly and all. ;)

After burning off all her after nap energy we were hungry and left to go eat. We ate at a really good burger place, Miss A had chicken fingers and french fries, a meal she hardly ever has. She requested french fries as soon as we walked in, even asked the waitress for them herself! Luckily she did amazing through dinner and ate every last bite. Does this mean it'll be easy from here on out to take her out to eat?? 

Saturday we stayed home, except for when I left to do our weekly grocery trip, sans toddler! When I got back we crossed things off our to-do list. I snapped this picture of Miss A early in the morning while we played with her princess dolls, sitting them down for a "check up." She's very into Doc McStuffins these days. It's adorable. We talked about taking the pacifier away from her soon because this new interest might be a good motivator..she's been asking for Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie, and Chilly to complete her collection. I know we have to pull the plug..neither one of us is looking forward to it!

Anyway, more progress was made in her big girl room as I've been slowly looking for things to replace her "baby" decor. So bittersweet! Her toddler bed is all decked out with Minnie Mouse so we now have a huge Minnie decal on her wall, a yellow "You Are My Sunshine" print (she loves yellow and I wanted to incorporate that somehow), new photographs, and her chalkboard from her second birthday is finally hanging on the wall. Now I want to move her changing table into the nursery, seeing as we aren't using it much these days, and get her a bookcase!

I also washed a huge load of baby clothes- all the newborn outfits, blankets, hats, and socks. It was so exciting to fold them and place them inside little man's dresser. I love watching it fill up. Folding all those tiny outfits makes me long to meet him and brought back memories of me doing the exact same thing for Miss A. She "helped" too, taking out blankets to drape them over her baby dolls. :) I love how in to babies she is, hopefully that will work in our favor when her brother is born!

On Sunday it was just the two of us again, but we still had a pretty good day, grooving and dancing to music, making a leisure trip to Target, and catching up with family over FaceTime. This is how she looked for most of our time at Target, dark shades, snuggled up next to my large rubber duck from our baby shower, munching on teddy grahams. The life! 


  1. Loving this pictures of Miss Priss. She looked like she had a great weekend!

  2. So glad you guys got a fun weekend with some family time. Those are the absolute best!


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