January 26, 2015

Weekend Blues

I don't have a weekend review to share today. It wasn't much of a weekend for us- same as any other day when it's just the two of us. We stayed in on Saturday, it was cold, there wasn't much to do. I was pretty down in the dumps, missing my husband, who has worked nearly every day since coming back from our trip home. It's exhausting sometimes, the monotony, the same tasks that have to be done day in and day out. Sunday I knew we had to get out of the house for my sanity so we went to the mall, had a Panera lunch date to satisfy my soup craving, and made some Christmas gift returns.

I found the softest, yellow bath towels for the rubber ducky bathroom along with a plush yellow bath rug. All three were on sale and I had gift cards, so I didn't pay a dime. I also went to Bath and Body Works to check their semi annual sale and was disappointed to see no candles were left, but I did get a few new hand soaps! Exciting times over here.

Walking the mall while pushing a stroller at seven months pregnant is exhausting! I had every intention to take Miss A into Barnes and Noble to look through books and play at the Lego table, but after two hours of being out, I was ready to put my feet up. So we went back home, watched the Tinkerbell movie, which she is obsessed with, and put a frozen pizza in the oven. My husband came home exhausted after Miss A was already asleep and we watched Galavant, have you seen it? It's actually pretty good! So funny.

Today I'm trying to keep my head above water until Wednesday as that's when we'll finally have some Daddy time around here. We also have Miss A's first dentist appointment this week, and I have a baby appointment, yay! Tomorrow I'll be 30 weeks, I can't believe we're at this point already. I'm starting to have those dreams- crazy, vivid pregnant dreams, most of them have been about meeting our little man, bringing him home, and adjusting to a new life. In my dreams I look happy carrying around a small blue bundle. I'm so curious to see his little face, what he will look like, if he'll have any resemblance to Miss A as a newborn. She was completely bald and so tiny. I wonder if he'll be any bigger and if he'll have hair!

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  1. I feel your pain, Mama. I feel your pain. Our weekend was just as low-key and lonely (as you know, we didn't even leave the house). Sometimes I just want to scream at the program director of my husband's residency program and ask him if he has any idea what this whole experience is doing to our family. It's truly awful. And so unfair, as I know my hubby can do absolutely nothing about it. Ugh. SO thankful for you - at least one person in blogland understands!


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