January 13, 2015

So, How's Potty Training Going?

Our goal to potty train Miss A by the end of the month is going so well! I could not be more pleased with her progress and with how fast she caught on. We still have accidents, usually just one, and there are still plenty of reminders and trips to the bathroom even if she says she doesn't have to go but I know otherwise. She's in undies all day, pull-ups for outings, and diapers at night. Girlfriend is no where near ready for night training as she never wakes up dry, and that's perfectly okay with me. I was reading more about night training and had no idea that it can take years for that skill to develop- the ability to "hold it" or wake up in the middle of the night if you need to go. So, no concerns on that front, we'll get there when we get there!

So daytime training- I'll give you a run through of what I did. First, you should know that we've had a potty in the upstairs bath, the kids bath, for months now. We bought it shortly after she turned two as we so happened to see a Minnie one when we were out one day at Target and hubby thought we should snatch it up as there were no others. You all know how much she loves Minnie and if there's anything that can help, she's our gal. So we bought it and set it up in the bathroom and she sparingly used it before bathtime. We didn't push it, but slowly, very very slowly, started getting her into the habit of using it right before her bath. I didn't think she was ready for more than that so we held off for awhile. I figured the best time (despite what most recommend, summertime) for us would be to try after the holidays, when we'd be in our own home, with plenty of new toys to entertain us, and no outside distractions. I started two days after coming back home from our trip.

I took some notes every day and jotted them down in a notebook for my own recollection and so I could put this blog post together for all that have asked how it was going.

Day 1: 
30 minute timers
Diaper on and off at every attempt for the potty
Lots of water, juice, and milk
Used the potty almost every time the timer went off

Day 2:
30 minute timers
Used underwear and diapers
Lots of messes- mostly due to getting used to having an underwear on
Used potty almost every time timer went off, increased time interval to 45 minutes if did not need to go after 30 minutes

Day 3: 
30 minute timers
Wore underwear for most of the day
Lots of messes
Increased timer to 35-40 minutes

Day 4:
Wore only underwear during the day
1st BM on the potty!!
Wore pullups for nap time and for outings

Day 5: 
Verbal reminders to use potty
Wore only underwear during the day
Recognizing need to go and letting me know if she needs to use potty

Day 6:
Wore only underwear at home, pull ups for outings
Used potty all on her own for the first time!

After our first week, with very few trips out of the house, we seemed to hit our stride. She was doing so well and I was SO proud of her! Yes, we did offer rewards at first- chocolate chips and marshmallows. After a few days though she stopped asking for them all together and was just going when prompted or when she needed to. We graduated to the "big" toilet a week later, while we were at a friend's house for a play date. All on her own she wanted to go use it so we did and she was so proud of herself! When we got home I detached the insert from her small potty and placed it on top of the toilet and she's been using it every since. Sure makes cleanups easier!

We've also used public restrooms several times. Ugh, I know we all hate it ourselves, I hate it even more now that I have to take her in there too. To make it better, I bring along her potty insert in a plastic bag and wipe down the seat if it doesn't look so clean with disinfecting wipes. I always try to use the bigger stall too- more room, less opportunity to touch anything, soo gross. Luckily she's done well and hasn't been bothered at all by public restrooms!

Accidents seem to occur at home if she's really distracted or into whatever she's doing and doesn't want to stop and be pulled away. So I know I have to just take her if I really want to avoid an accident, it seems it's still too soon to trust her "no I don't have pee pee" statement yet. Otherwise she is doing great! I hope to try outings in underwear soon, since she has no fear of public places, but that's more of me being ready for that than her, haha. I hope this is helpful to any who are or will be potty training sometime soon! It's all trial and error and seeing what works, every child is SO different. It really also depends on your child and if they are ready, I had a feeling she was, and if it had turned out otherwise, I would have stopped and waited more. I'm glad that wasn't the case as I was hoping to have her potty trained before her brother arrives. So step back, reevaluate, and remember, it takes a village, I could not have done it without advice from friends. Good luck!

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  1. I'm literally terrified of potty training - which is looming ever and ever closer. The public restroom thing absolutely terrifies me. I feel like every surface in a public bathroom is just nasty and gross and can't stand the thought of having to touch any of it, lol! Guess I'll just have to get over my germaphobe ways a little bit. Eeek! And stock up on disinfecting wipes for sure. What brand do you recommend that comes in a travel case?


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