January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

I really didn't mean to NOT post this week. Every day seemed to fly by as we had two play dates, a doctor's appointment, an ultrasound appointment, and random errands here and there. I meant to sit down and write a bump update earlier in the week, seeing as I'm 31 weeks now and it's been forever since I've dedicated a post just to the baby belly. Just so you know, all is well, I'm feeling pretty good, which I'm actually really surprised about, because I remember at this point with Miss A losing most of my energy. So now that I have a toddler to care for, this is great news! Hopefully I'll feel good until the very end!

Now on to some random Five on Friday shares..from makeup to the dentist to grocery shopping!

1. Mascara

I love reading about what makeup other bloggers use. I'm still learning so much about makeup and when I come across a product I really like I must share! I needed a new mascara and we were at Target this week, so I picked up Falsies, a new mascara from Maybelline. I used it for the first time yesterday and LOVED it. True to it's name, it did make my lashes bigger and fuller, while separating them and not leaving behind any clumps. Win win!

2. First Dental Visit

I'm pleased to say that I took Miss A to her first dental appointment last week! I figured taking her after turning two and a half would be a good time, as her pediatrician recommended to go no later than three years old. I also wanted to know if her teeth were being at all affected by her use of the pacifier at night, a habit we're dreading to change. Luckily, her teeth and her bite are just fine, she has no cavities (can you imagine!) and is in great dental health! She was afraid of the cleaning initially, but was so brave and allowed the hygienist to clean her teeth and be checked again by the dentist. I loved the office so much, everyone was so friendly and she got her very own bag of goodies with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and even floss to take home!

3. We love Publix

It might be weird to talk about how much I love a grocery store- Publix was my favorite place to shop back home in Florida. I've missed it so much since we moved, until now! A brand new Public opened about 20 minutes away from me and I've been looking forward to checking it out. 20 minutes isn't ideal for quick grocery trips, but when we have the time, I'll definitely be going back! And no, this is not a sponsored plug for Publix, I just love their products, their bakery, subs, and overall look and feel of their stores. 

Miss A probably had her best grocery shopping experience yet with her own little cart, balloon, and sticker! It was so cute as she followed me around the store pushing her cart, taking care not to bump into anyone or the aisles. 

4. Nursery progress 

I was so happy last week when my husband finally had more than one day off in a week and we were able to tackle some nursery projects. The rocking chair is assembled, the crib, and the dresser! I'm sorting through clothes, blankets, and going through Miss A's newborn outfits to see if there are any gender neutral ones. It's exciting to begin the process of washing and putting everything in its proper place! 

5. Tv Talk

Is anyone else super bummed that Parenthood ends this month? I've loved that show since the start and I'm seriously heartbroken that it's about to end. The Affair, which was on Showtime, also came to an end, with such a good cliffhanger! I hate when shows make you wait a whole year in between seasons. I'm also happy that the CW renewed most of their shows for next year, including Reign, which doesn't seem to have much of a following and it is such a good show! Okay, enough TV talk for now, what have you been watching lately? 

Happy Friday! I'm happy to say I'll have a real weekend and will cherish these moments before it gets crazy again. I'm linking up with the girls for Five on Friday and Oh Hey Friday


  1. I love those mini carts! I bet that makes shopping a tad more fun huh?

  2. Whenever we go on vacation to the beach we seriously get so excited to shop at publix lol! It is a great grocery store.

  3. We love the mini shopping carts - we use them every single time! And YAY for nursery progress - can't believe we will have second little ones soon! :)

  4. The hubs and I watch The Goldbergs together (when we can, that is) and love it!:) It's on ABC on Wed nights. And I am a huge Scandal fan. I look forward to Thurs nights because of that show - which returns next week, eeek! I've been hearing so much about Parenthood lately, I'm thinking I may need to Netflix it to catch up and see what everyone is talking about!:) Happy Friday!

  5. I love Falsies, it's my favorite mascara!! Yay for nursery progress and YES so bummed about Parenthood!! :(

  6. You have a lovely daughter, Sahm! It's nice that you brought her for her first dental appointment this early. Now that she started to learn about the importance of a sound oral health, I think it's also time for her to to learn the proper way of brushing her teeth and flossing regularly. Miss A is so adorable, and I know that you are so proud of her. Thanks for sharing that fun moment! All the best to your family!

    Weston Wadlington @ Peak Family Dentistry LLC


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