January 9, 2015

Five Friday Thoughts

1. Between potty training, touring future preschools, keeping up the house, organizing room after room, and doing most of the parenting these days, I'm ready for a break. We knew the schedule back to work after having time off for a week was going to be brutal, but man, I haven't had a real conversation with my husband in days. I miss him. :(

2. The baby's room looks like this right now. I wish I could blink and see it arrange itself right before my eyes. If only that were possible! 

3. Third trimester exhaustion. I feel it creeping in. I was an absolute mess by the middle of my third trimester with Miss A, falling asleep by 1:00 every single day. While working. In a classroom. That didn't go so well and it looks like it's going to happen again. Last night I was I was in the worst mood, no desire to cook dinner, or clean up the kitchen, or move in general. I was hoping to avoid this extreme tiredness this time around! Here's a belly pic- 29 weeks. :)

4. White fudge Oreos. I was so upset when they disappeared from my Target after Christmas was over but I found them at Walmart this week and I could not have been more excited. My sweet tooth is out of control!

5. I'm redoing the bathroom upstairs and making it into a real kids bathroom. We got lots of cute duck items from our shower that I want to put to good use, so I figured a rubber duck bath would be great for the both of our little kiddies. So far I've got the shower curtain up and I'm waiting on the rest to be shipped.


  1. I just ate a white fudge Oreo literally 5 minutes ago. So, so good. They only come out for a limited time each year, so stock up, girl!!!

  2. Now I want some Oreos. Lol. I think a duck theme is a cute idea for a kids bathroom! Hopefully soon you will get your energy back!

  3. I hate that you are so tired. Lord knows a toddler doesn't care! Have you picked a name for Little Mister? And because I forget... when are you due?


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