January 8, 2015

A Baby Boy Nursery

At 29 weeks, you might say I have the itch to "nest"- all I want to do is get our little man's nursery set up and ready to go! We have all the essentials, some still in their boxes (the mattress, the rocking chair) and others waiting to be assembled (the crib, the dresser). We picked out a theme weeks ago, one we both love and adore- ROBOTS! The hubby and I saw this crib sheet at Target a while back and we both commented on how cute it was. Hubby took a picture of it so we wouldn't forget and we kept coming back to it when we'd talk about what the nursery theme should be. Before my shower back home we went to look around some more but didn't love anything as much as the robots. So, robots it is!

Robot Nursery

Miss A never really had a nursery. We were still in Michigan back then, living in a two bedroom apartment, and her "room" was our room. So I'm having a ton of fun putting together this room! Our main colors will be light blue and gray. The room is already painted blue- we left it that way in case we did end up having a boy! That sure worked out perfectly. I didn't have a rocking chair with Miss A due to space and I'm so excited to sit and rock comfortably in the middle of the night for feedings. That sure beats sitting on the floor!

Target had some robot wall art that I bought last week and I've been searching Etsy for other ideas. We'll be ordering a robot mobile, wall decals, and monogrammed blankets from Etsy as well. Last week I found this really cool lamp at Home Goods for $20. I think it'll go perfectly!

At the moment the room is a disaster. The guest bed has been striped and still needs to go, there are boxes everywhere, the crib is in pieces leaning against the wall. I'm not going to lie- it's starting to stress me out and I just want it to be DONE. With limited days off it's hard for my husband to do so. I wish I could do it myself, sadly I'm not too handy, or capable of carrying a dresser upstairs. :)


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. My little gal will most likely be arriving in April (Caleb was 2 1/2 weeks early), so I've got 3 months and have yet to really get started. Things are in the works, but I need to start seeing some real progress or I am going to go crazy! And just like you, the hubby doesn't have a lot of time off to get to work on this stuff, and I am limited in what I can do alone. Ugh. I know it will all get done, but let's both try not to stress too much, deal? Can't wait to see how it all comes together for your little man:)

    Also, doing a maternity/nursing giveaway today, so be sure to stop by! It would be perfect for you:)

  2. What a unique theme! I've never seen a robot nursery so I'm excited to see what ya'll put together.

  3. Robot is such a cute theme that could be done in so many ways! I love it!


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