December 3, 2014

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Are you still dreaming about your Thanksgiving feast? I know I am. All my prep work, picking out recipes, and stressing over which pies to make was so worth it. I'm seriously thinking about making it all again, it was so good. Except maybe the twelve pound turkey. That would be too much for just the three of us. :)

The day started off smoothly. My in laws arrived the night before, Miss A was so chill about them being here, as if she knew all along they were coming. She was a very happy girl receiving all that extra attention. We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast, lounged around in piles of blankets watching the parade, until it was time to prep the turkey.

I tried out a new brine this year that I really think made all the difference. I used the same recipe that I've used for the last six years to prep the turkey, none other than Paula Dean's. I also make the cranberry sauce in that recipe- SO good, so perfect with the leftover turkey sandwiches we had the next day.

My only disappointment- Miss A was coming down with something, as she had a slight fever the day before and I could tell she wasn't feeling well despite trying to ignore it and have fun with her grandparents and aunts. She wasn't interested in the food at all, not even the cinnamon buttered rolls! I think the only thing she really wanted to eat was the chocolate pie.

The rest of the night was spent huddled next to the fire (as our heat decided to stop working, we still have no heat!) and played an intense game of Candyland, Mario Kart, and attempted to watch a movie, that I can't recall as I fell asleep!

Friday morning we woke up to a freezing house and a sick toddler. :( We didn't do very much, until Saturday when we ventured out to find a Christmas tree. We went to a cute farm that had hot chocolate and mini donuts.

We have yet to decorate our tree, as Miss A hasn't shown much interest while being sick and the hubby has been working. Hopefully today we can get it done! I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks and doing lots of Christmas related activities with a (hopefully) sick-free toddler. In just a few weeks we'll be back with our families and I can't wait! I know I'm due for a baby post- I'm 24 weeks, six months already! Be on the lookout for one soon.


  1. Happy 6 months, friend! Your pregnancy is going so fast!!! Hoping little Miss A feels better soon so you guys can get your tree decorated and really enjoy the holiday season! Your Thanksgiving looked like fun - loved all the pictures of your family:) Next year, it will be 4 of you!!!

  2. I love her boots! I bought those for Elin the other day and was on the fence about them and she hasn't tried them on yet. They look cute on Miss A.


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