December 30, 2014

Our Christmas 2014

Christmas has come and gone and I for one am not quite ready to take down all the decorations. After being in Miami for a week, I feel like we didn't get to enjoy our own house with our sparkling tree. It's going to stay up just a little longer, as I continue to unpack and organize all the gifts we received.

Miami was a blast. We were surrounded by family from the start and left with a mutual feeling of success. It's always so hard to juggle between our two families (since they live over 30 minutes apart) and see friends that we only get to see once a year. I think we handled it pretty well and even managed to squeeze a night away on our own. Pure bliss I tell you. Just what the doctor ordered. ;) We also had our baby shower, thrown by our moms. It was seriously one of the best days of my life- you may have seen some pictures on IG (stillluckyblog). I will do a separate post dedicated to the shower and bombard you with a million pictures. Which by the way...I'm seven months pregnant today. SEVEN. Where has the time gone?!

It was nice and warm without it being sticky and humid. Most days there was a nice breeze that we even took advantage and went to the zoo! Miss A got up close and personal with giraffes and fed them large pieces of kale. I thought she was going to be afraid at first, but she loved it! My brave girl. What an experience. They're such amazing animals.

Christmas Eve was spent with my in-laws from sun up to sun down. We passed the time making crafts, including painting a bird house, which Miss A has wanted to do for months now. We all took long naps in the afternoon and started getting ready for the festivities once we were all up and moving. It's a tradition in my husbands family to open gifts on Christmas Eve. So many gifts, Miss A wanted to open and play with every single one.

So. much. Frozen. stuff.

After opening presents we went to his grandmothers house, who happens to live next door. Very common in Hispanic families :) There were more presents, food, and soon it was time to whisk Miss A off to bed so she could be well rested for Christmas morning with my family.
Christmas Day started off with opening presents at my parents house. At first Miss A seemed overwhelmed, all the excitement and activities were catching up to her. She got over it quick enough as we started to play with some of her new toys and finished opening the rest of the gifts. I got my husband a really cool gift, I was so happy he loved it so much.

We ate cinnamon rolls, played with all of Miss A's toys, and got showered, dressed, and ready to go to my grandmother's house. We've been going to her house every Christmas since I was born. Lots of family members come, we exchange gifts, and have dinner. This time was a little different for us as we had to leave early to rush back and pack and get some rest before our early flight the next day. Overall, it was a very fun day, and I know Miss A had a great Christmas!

We had a third celebration the day after we got back with our gifts to Miss A. So really, three gift sessions- how awesome is that! So many toys. I'm trying to organize them the best that I can, while potty training! It was always my intention to start right after Christmas. Plenty of new toys to keep us occupied, it's not so bad to stay home for a while. We're on day three and it's going pretty well. I'll have to share about that soon too! If you've stayed with me this long, I hope you had a wonderful holiday too, and a happy new year tomorrow!


  1. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve, so it all works out when visiting both families! Your bump is adorable- time goes by so fast with Baby #2, enjoy!

  2. So glad you guys were able to get away and spend time with both families! Such a blessing - I know how hard it is to try to plan anything with a husband in residency! You look great, Mama. Happy 7 months! Time really is flying. I can't believe I am almost 6 months prego myself. Eeek! Loving all the pictures, and how sweet Miss A looks while opening all of her presents. I know she must have had a blast. Very curious to hear how the potty training is going - this is something that we are starting to think about, but probably won't try until after the baby arrives, as Caleb won't even be two yet when she gets here.


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