November 13, 2014

What We've Been Eating

You guys, food is really good when you're pregnant. Or I should say, once the first trimester is over and you're in the glory of the second trimester, food is goooood. You all know that I cook, A LOT, like almost every night because 1. We can't afford to go out and 2. We don't want to take a toddler out. So that means I have to cook, all the time. I get burned out often and long to order Chinese or pizza but can't fathom the calories and delivery fee. Finding new recipes is how I get out of that funk. 

I saw these beef and blue cheese sliders on this blog. April has good taste in food, I've made other recipes she's recommended and knew these wouldn't disappoint. I can't wait to make them again, they were that good. You must have the blue cheese, I can't imagine them any other way.  

Oven baked chicken fajitas. SO EASY. SO GOOD. I've seen many different versions of this floating on Pinterest and finally got around to making it. Another win and new addition to our rotation.

Yes, another chicken recipe, because honestly that is what we mostly eat in our house. Lots and lots of chicken. That can definitely get boring so I'm always looking for new ways to make it. This was quick, easy, and tasty. I love adding lemon to chicken dishes and of course cheese, this didn't disappoint! 

Ah cheese, pasta...all cooked in ONE skillet. Less mess, less stress! Haha. Excuse me for making crappy jokes...I made this on Tuesday night and we all devoured it, toddler included. I used chicken sausage and also added some ground beef we needed to use up. Delicious! 

What have you made recently? Please, please share, I love having something new to try! 


  1. All of these look good. I am in a big blue cheese phase right now.


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