November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014: Minnie Mouse Says Hello

I absolutely love having a two year old. I don't know if many other would agree, (or if I'll kick myself for saying this later), but I think experiencing a holiday with a two year old is so much fun. I couldn't get enough of her on Halloween night. She was just as excited to put on her costume, as if she was wearing it for the first time all over again. I got her dressed an hour before trick or treat time so we'd have a window for pictures outside, before it got dark.

My little Minnie Mouse! I swear her Daddy takes such great pictures. She always smiles for him! Our neighbor walked over to hand her a ghost lollipop and she was so happy. That certainly helped too!

After picture time we ate dinner, which was beef and blue cheese sliders, crispy tater tots, and mac and cheese. Yum! Filling up before trick or treating is so important, otherwise that candy is gone in two seconds. I remember eating dinner at my grandmother's house as a kid with all my cousins, usually hot dogs, fries, and mac and cheese. I think mac and cheese will be a tradition in our house for Halloween night from now on. Such memories. 

We had our first trick or treater at our door right as we were wrapping up dinner and getting ready to go. Miss A freaked at first because our dog went crazy, but when she saw the three other kids (one who was Minnie Mouse as well) she overcame her shyness and dropped a piece of candy into their buckets. Then she was ready to go, suddenly VERY excited. At our first house I thought she was going to want to turn around because of their spooky jack o lanterns, but she surprised me when she started chatting with our neighbor. And that's how it went for each house, she'd say "hi", "thank you", and. "happy halloween". I just die, I tell you. I could not get over how polite and sweet she was!  

She was done after twenty minutes, so we hit ten houses or so, when she declared it was time to go home. That was fine by us as I absolutely LOVE handing out candy. We headed home and dumped her bucket to see what she got. Naturally, she wanted to try everything but we let her have her first Kit Kat bar, a Reese's cup, and a lollipop.  

After her sugar rush we sat on the porch steps and waited for trick or treaters to stop by. We had a steady flow and every time we saw a crowd she'd jump up and point "Look! They're coming!" So. dang. cute!! She put candy inside everyone's bag and had the best time. I tell you, I just love holidays, they are so much more fun with a child of your own. I can't wait for the next one- Thanksgiving, even if it's not all that fun for kids, we will be doing some crafts and I'll definitely have her help with the main meal! Then of course, Christmas...which we will know is just around the corner!


  1. Sweet little Minnie Mouse! Glad you guys had a fun Halloween! The holidays are so much more fun with littles!:)

  2. She makes such a cute Minnie! But no, I totally agree with you! I am loving holidays with Sydney as she gets older.

  3. I agree! Having a 2-year old is so so much fun. This was the first holiday that he really got and it made me SO excited for Thanksgiving and Xmas. Love her sweet costume. She's a doll.

  4. How cute is she? I loved trick or treating this year. Connor knew exactly what was going on. 2 has been so much fun so far!

  5. Adorable as always!! Minnie Mouse is the best classic costume ever! Kylie was Minnie last year and loved it!


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