October 22, 2014

My Sweet Girl- 27 Month Update

I don't write "updates" often enough about my sweet little girl. She turned two three months ago. Three months! I figured it was time to share how she's been doing, growing, progressing into an amazing little person. I can't believe we're getting close to the two and a half year old mark. She is all kinds of fun, I swear everyday I feel like I can do something new with her and it keeps getting better and better. Dare I say this is my favorite age so far?!

She's a sweetheart, truly. She loves to give kisses, giant smooches right on the lips. We have to chase her down for hugs but more often than not she gives them freely. I love when she holds my hand, at the store (when she's refusing to be in the cart), on walks, or to go down the slide. She's crazy about our dog, Sandy, and tries to give her hugs and loves to roll around with her on the floor.

Minnie, Mickey, and Ariel are huge favorites. I thought she would have moved on from Mickey and Minnir but there's no signs of that happening any time soon. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still her favorite show to watch. Frozen and The Little Mermaid are her favorite movies. I tried showing her Beauty and the Beast and Tangled, neither held her attention for very long. If there's not enough singing, it doesn't do the trick. She also likes Doc McStuffins, Handy Manny, and Peppa Pig.

Her vocabulary has really taken off. She repeats a lot of what we say: "oh my goodness", "what did I say", "being bad", "let's keep going". Sentences can be as long as four or five words; she knows how to communicate so well. Everyday I'm impressed by how well she talks and how much she talks! My little chatterbox. She can count from 1-10 and likes to try and count to 20, but it's really "10, 15, 16, 18". She knows almost all her shapes: circle, triangle, diamond, star, and heart. Squares and rectangles aren't her thing. ;) Recognizing colors is also improving. Yellow is her favorite color by far and she can identify blue, green, red, pink, purple, and sometime orange.

Discipline wise, we are doing time out. She stands or sits in a corner in the dining room, which is probably the most boring room of the house. She's definitely testing us with listening- that's what lands her in time out the most. That and throwing toys, hitting (which rarely, rarely happens), and getting upset over dinner (my least favorite time of the day).

Her favorite people are definitely family. Daddy too of course, seeing as she doesn't see him everyday sometimes. She absolutely loves her grandparents and Tia's. Whenever we FaceTime or talk to them on the phone she is so happy. She also loves to see her friends and asks for them if it's been a while in between play dates. Some of her favorite places to go are the park, library, and to see the choo-choo train. There's a park that we love that has a train and merry-go-round; she's crazy about both. The pumpkin patch too was a huge favorite and she's been asking to go back since we went a few weeks ago.

It's amazing to me how she's becoming her own little person with likes and dislikes. I love watching her change, grow, and discover new things. Seeing the world through her eyes is like seeing it new; everything is an experience. We love taking her to new places and seeing how she'll react. Of course going out to eat is still a struggle so we don't do that very often, unless we have another set of hands! Being around her is infectious, we can't get enough!


  1. It's truly amazing how they go from being this baby, who needs so much and depends on you for everything to a person who can talk, express their emotions/wants. It's the most amazing experience to watch.

  2. Isn't this age so much fun. Mac is almost 2.5 and such a little sponge. I can't get over how quickly he picks up on things and how well he uses his words. They are such little people now! It's amazing.


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