October 29, 2014

Halloween Fun!

We're two days away from Halloween! I can't believe it, I'm so excited for the big day, even if we don't get very far with Miss A trick or treating, it's always so much fun to hand out candy. Did you buy your candy yet? I scored a huge bag of Reese's cups, milky ways, and snickers from Aldi. I may or may not have been snacking on the Reese's cups...they are my favorite!

Every day this week we've been celebrating the holiday. On Monday we baked cupcakes for a Halloween party, which was on Tuesday, with our playgroup. Miss A had SO much fun decorating the cupcakes. I may be picking up sprinkles for day, but it was sure worth it.

Tuesday morning we got around everything we needed to go- cupcakes, camera, extra outfit to change into after costume time. She was so happy to wear what she calls her "Minnie dress" and to put on her "Minnie shoes" which are dark pink flats with a large bow that I found at Target. Her headband kept falling off and I didn't have bobby pins, so she wore them later for a little while at the party.

I wasn't expecting her to be shy, but she was when we got there. I'm sure it was strange to see all her little friends in costume. She hasn't stuck by my side in a long time! All the kids decorated masks to take home with them, we all bought a dish to share, and all the kids devoured their cupcakes.

It was fun and I can't wait for next year already! I also have to share her Halloween pajamas, which she calls her "bone pajamas" that I found at Gymboree. They glow in the dark, but don't tell her that. ;) 

We also made cards to send to family and will be carving our pumpkin soon! What are you doing to celebrate Halloween? 

I'm linking up for Halloween Pajama Party!

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