October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

One. Mommy Time

On Wednesday I had some time to myself in the middle of the afternoon after the hubby woke up. I've had a groupon for a pedicure for weeks and I've been dying to use it. I stopped to get my flu shot first then went to the nail salon, my first time there. I've heard lots of good things from friends and they were spot on. There's a full bar at the salon (not that I could partake it that right now), huge, comfy massage chairs, and no one around to bother me for a solid half hour. It was heavenly! Afterwards I stopped by Ulta, just to browse and see if there's anything I'd like to ask for for Christmas.

Two. The Fair

Yesterday we went to the state fair! We had an absolute blast riding the ferris wheel, eating elephant ears and cheese fries, riding the toddler train, and merry go round. I love checking out the exhibits too, there were awards for the largest pumpkin (over 800 pounds!), farm animals, and beautiful flower displays. Miss A did so well despite having to wait in line for tickets and in the lines for the actual rides. Luckily yesterday was opening day and there weren't that many people there, at least, not like how it was last year when we went over a weekend. Never doing that again!

Three. Crate & Barrel Holiday Catalog

Do you get the Crate & Barrel catalogs? I'm crazy about this store (just as I am about Pottery Barn) and love to ooh and ahh over the pages. Why can't my house look like that? I love all their Thanksgiving line and got a tad too excited over the Christmas pages.

Four. Favorite Pins

I pinned a lot of new recipes this week. There was so much to love in blog world. I'm all about snacks and dips lately, I'm craving spinach and artichoke dip something fierce and need to pick some up from the store.  

Five. Christmas Shopping

I ordered Miss A this easel from Toys R Us this week. It's going to be so hard to wait until Christmas to give it to her! It was a great price and I couldn't turn it down. Have you started Christmas shopping for your littles yet?

Happy Friday! I linked up for Five on Friday with the girls. 


  1. I love that Christmas platter. I'm trying to be practical with what I buy for decor and whatnot for the holidays because we have so much and not a whole lot of space to display it.
    I did snag Connor a Christmas gift this week simply because it was on sale and I know that he will love it. But I'm trying to hold back on shopping to much because his birthday is this month and I want to see what goodies he gets then.

  2. I've got 2 gifts for Caleb so far. Love shopping for him! I've got another idea or two for additional gift ideas but need to come up with a few more! Best season of the year:)

  3. OOO you've got me craving a good dip now! Found you from the link up, cute site!

  4. Yay for mom time in the middle of the week! I feel like that could be all 5s of this post! I am usually a pottery barn person for holidays but that tray & cup set from crate & barrell looks awesome! Hope you're having a good weekend!


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