October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week, looking forward to next week and hoping it's better for us. I'm linking up with the four ladies, Natasha, April, Christina, and Darci for Five on Friday. Today is even special because they have a fantastic giveaway going on!

1. If you read my post earlier this week, you know we'd have it rough lately with a sick toddler. I'm happy to say Miss A is on the mend and pretty much back to her normal self. Unfortunately, the husband and I are now coming down with her cold. :( I feel awful since he was just sick two weeks ago and he's not really going to have a lot of time off to recuperate.

2. The weather has been absolutely perfect lately. Since we haven't left the house much, in the afternoons we've gone out to the front yard to look at the leaves falling off our maple tree and collecting acorns from the side of the house. It's the cutest thing, I love watching her explore. We look for the acorns, gather them in a pile, and toss them down the driveway to watch them bounce. We've also gone on a few walks this week since the cooler air is supposed to be good for croup and she loves this particular house with lots of small bird houses hanging from the trees. Whenever I tell her we're going on a walk, she says, "to see bird house?"

3. Speaking of which, her vocabulary is really taking off. She's always been a talker and has been able to form three word sentences for months now. Now she's at the point where she can pretty much communicate with full on sentences. Pretty amazing. She also repeats any new word she hears and tries to use it herself. I think we have a little chatterbox on our hands. 

4. I've decorated the house for fall and Halloween and I'm loving it. I'd like to find a hay stack for our front porch, where can I find one? 

5. This weekend there is another fall festival I'm hoping to take Miss A to, if I'm not feeling too bad. Can you believe there's only two more weekends left until Halloween? 

I'm off to lie down, hopefully little miss thing will take a nap too so we can both get some rest. Have a great weekend, do something fun!

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  1. My lab mate got a haybale for her porch from a local farm, where she got cider/donuts too. Might be worth calling a few farms and asking if they'd sell you a haybale, too!


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