October 3, 2014

Five on Friday!

My favorite link up is back and I couldn't be happier. What is it about five random facts that everyone seems to love? The girls in charge (Christina, April, Natasha, and Darci) are back and I'm happy to look forward to this link up again every Friday.

1. "Window" Shopping Online

I know I talked about shopping last time, but there is soo much out there right now that I'm loving. From fall candles, I have this one and this one from Bath & Body Works, to scarves, sweaters, boots, and clothes for the mini, I've been doing lots and lots of online "window" shopping. Or also known as the fill-up-your-cart-and-don't-buy-anything method. 

2. Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins

We're all talking about the season for pumpkins and I'm just as excited as the next girl. We'll be going to the pumpkin patch this weekend and I can't wait. Now that Miss A is older I know she's going to love all the activities and picking out her own pumpkin.

3. What's for dinner tonight? 

I have to admit I've haven't meal planned in so long and I was hating myself for it. Come dinner time I'd stare into the fridge wondering what to make and it was stressing me out. Although in my defense, the last two months were really hard when it came to food! So at the beginning of this week I actually sat down and wrote a list and coordinated with my grocery list. It has been such a weight off my shoulders already knowing what's for dinner! If you're curious, we've had pulled pork sandwiches, crock pot pot roast, baked potato soup, dijon maple chicken, and creamy italian sausage pasta

4. Fall TV is Back!!

You all know how much of a TV junkie I am and I'm so happy most of our favorite shows are back! Any Vampire Diaries fans out there? The premiere was last night and it was so good! 

5. Baby #2: What Do I Need?

I'm starting to think of what I'll need for baby #2. We have the major stuff- crib, pack and play, bouncer, etc..if you have more than one child, what did you find you needed? I really want a double stroller and a rocker/glider as I didn't have one before, any recommendations? Thanks!

Have a great, fall filled weekend!

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