September 23, 2014

Weekend Recap & Hello Fall!

Happy 1st day of FALL! If you're just as excited as I am, then you must have already made a batch of pumpkin cookies, picked up some pumpkin spice creamer, and opened all your windows. That is exactly what I did yesterday, along with making a batch of homemade chicken soup for the hubby, who's been sick for a week now. :( Poor guy just can't catch a break, with only one day off since getting sick and not having the opportunity to rest. A resident's life I tell you- it's rough, unfair, and down right ridiculous; I wish he could take a day off to get better. I'm also looking forward to getting rid of my dead summer plants and replacing them with some beautiful mum's, my favorite plant.

Since hubby was sick this weekend (and only had Sunday off) we didn't do very much, except go out for donuts and biscuit sandwiches on Sunday morning. Which, you guys, was seriously the highlight of my very long week. We got three donuts- raspberry glaze for Miss A (which she picked out all on her own), smore's, and salted caramel. Oh. My. There's a reason this place is so popular, if you're ever in the area, you must check out Rise. I also had a biscuit sandwich with a fried egg and pimento cheese. I'm all about pimento cheese lately, it is so dang good! I know it's not just pregnancy related because hubby is all about it too, especially if it's on a burger!

Other than that, not much else went on, besides grocery shopping, where I'm seriously blowing our budget because it feels like I'm at the grocery store two or even three times a week. I'm hungry like you would not believe and have to eat two breakfasts and two lunches. I'm not even kidding. I feel like this baby is going to be much bigger than Miss A was! Which also has me thinking that maybe it's a boy...?? We'll know for sure come October!

Also, I'm really being thrown for a loop here with no sleep. Every night, usually around 2:00 am, I wake up, wide awake, for at least an hour or more. It is driving me crazy considering I have a toddler that won't nap and is waking up earlier and earlier. What gives?! I really don't know what to do about it as she is already going to bed earlier than she used to now that she stopped napping. Pushing back her bedtime doesn't seem like the most logical thing to do either because that has always backfired and causes her to wake up even earlier. So, please, tell me this is just a phase and she'll adjust herself accordingly? I could really use the extra sleep! Anywho, here's to a great week- play dates, cooler weather, and a family visit!! I couldn't ask for anything more.

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  1. Pregnancy sleep can either glorious or horrible. Hopefully you will get to the part where it's all night long!


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