September 17, 2014

Making the Switch: Toddler Bed Transition

Over the weekend we made a huge step in the world of toddlerhood- the switch from a crib to a toddler bed! As soon as we found out we're expecting our second child, my mind whirled with all the things I want to do before baby #2 arrives. We have three goals: potty training, toddler bed, and taking away the pacifier (she still uses it at night to sleep). Tackling the transition to a toddler bed seemed like the easiest, and most exciting, goal to start with first. I had a feeling she was ready to make the switch, especially since she loves hoping into our bed, pulling up the covers, making herself comfortable on a pillow, and pretending to go to sleep.

I talked to a cousin of mine, who has two girls, less than two years a part, for advice on how to go about getting Miss A a toddler bed. Her best piece of advice- keep her involved in the process, the WHOLE TIME. That's exactly what I did, from explaining she would soon get a new bed, showing her different ones online and in the store, allowing her to choose which one she wanted, and showing her different bedding options. As soon as she saw Minnie it was hands down the winner and she wanted nothing else! We ordered her bed and bedding set from Amazon and were surprised at how quickly both arrived, as we don't have Amazon Prime. 

When my husband put it together (which was pretty easy for him, we highly recommend it), she was there the whole time, handing him the screwdriver and pretending to screw thing in herself. :) She couldn't WAIT to get on it, even before we put the sheets on. We had to take down her crib in order to get it out of her room, and when this happened, it suddenly felt so real to me and I couldn't help but break down in tears. 

I cried as every piece was taken out and put into the guest room (which will become baby #2's room) and as I sat next to her on her new bed, reading her books. She was ready to throw us out once we were done, saying, "Bye Mama, goodnight!" I couldn't believe it, she really does surprise me every single day! I know how fortunate we are she took to this so well, but boy, did that break my Mama heart!

She slept the whole night, didn't make a peep, despite my checking on her several times throughout the night. In the morning she woke up happy and excited, refusing to go downstairs for breakfast. It was only after I promised her we'd come right back upstairs that she reluctantly agreed to leave.

So my tips for making the switch- Keep your child involved, the entire time. Be excited about it, chalk it up as the greatest thing in the world. I also think having something she absolutely loves- Minnie- as her bedding set was the key. If you can pick out something together that they're excited about, hopefully it will go easier!

Oh and if you're wondering about naps, so far nothing has changed there. She's still not napping, and she is having quiet time, except now I find her with tons of toys on her bed. :)


  1. Awwww, such a cutie! We're going to be getting our little one her first bed for her second birthday and I know I'll have a few tears over it.

  2. Such a proud big girl with this new bed! Well good for her. Will make things easier when baby on the way arrives!

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