August 26, 2014

Life Lately

 I have really missed blogging these past few weeks! I can't seem to find the time lately to get my thoughts together and write them down. Little Miss A has stopped napping- completely. It's been over three weeks since her last nap. Mama is not happy, but I've accepted it, and that in itself has changed my attitude. She still goes in her room, in her crib, everyday, but instead of sleeping she spins around, sings, laughs, talks, until she gets bored and starts calling for me. She can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, so at least I have some bit of a break, even if it's not a quiet one! So without her naps, which is when I used to blog, it certainly is much harder to sit down and get it done. Along with many other things around the house. Has your toddler stopped napping?

Lately we've been enjoying the last few days of summer. The past few mornings the weather has been nice and cool. (which has caused me to break out the pumpkin candles)A huge welcome after all these humid days. We try to get out for playdates when we can and run our errands in the afternoon. 

Our weekends have been taking place on Sundays and Mondays, the hubby's current two days off. His schedule changes again in a week, in September, but it does look promising, with a few weekends thrown in there. We've been to the park, the mall, out for milkshakes, and played with all the toys in the house! 

Miss A has been all kinds of crazy lately. She is a monster at dinner right now. Refusing to eat, shoving her plate away, throwing her fork on the floor. It has not been fun on the nights when I'm alone. Any advice would be much appreciated! She also has a bit of a stubborn streak whenever we tell her "no" to something. Little miss is sure developing that personality! 


  1. My daughter is doing the same. IShe has not napped in almost two weeks. I still try. I do what you do. She has quiet time where she reads in her crib or plays with her bear. This lasts about an hour. My daughter just turned two, and this is a horrible time for us because I'm having baby #2 on Friday!

  2. Oh miss A, still keeping you on your toes ;) My little Gia is so the same way!


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