August 7, 2014

Creating a Preschool Corner

Miss A is at the age where she is picking on up on everything. She loves to learn, to explore, and observe. I knew I wanted to create a preschool area for her somewhere in the house and I figured under our breakfast bar, which we've never used as a breakfast bar, would be the perfect spot.

I hopped on the bandwagon with wanting a chalkboad wall. I knew she would love it and when we do start doing preschool like activities in the fall I can use the chalkboard as a teaching tool too. Makes this former teacher giddy with excitement. I picked up a can of chalkboard paint at Lowe's one day a few weeks ago and got down on my hands and knees during nap time to do the first coat. It went on easy, thankfully, as I have very little patience when it comes to painting.

I read online that most people did two coats, so that's what I did too. Of course I had to wait until the next day to do coat number 2. It looked great, so I followed the rest of the suggestions I read online, which were to wait three days for the paint to cure, and then roll a piece of white chalk over the entire surface and erase.

Viola! We now have our very own chalkboard wall.

The next thing I wanted to do was get Miss A her very own table and chair set. I've been looking around for months and kept going back to this one from Ikea. There's definitely a reason why so many people have it; it's a great size, price, and so cute! We don't have any Ikea near us so I ordered it from Amazon with some of the birthday money Miss A got.

I put it together when it arrived with her watching me the whole time and "helping" by handing me each wooden peg and screw. Don't worry, she's passed the stage of putting things in her mouth. :) When it was done we immediately sat down to color, an activity we've done everyday since.

I still have more plans for this little corner- perhaps baskets, or buckets attached to the wall to hold crayons, flash cards, books, and other teaching tools. I can't seem to figure out what will work best as the only wall we have left is very small and won't hold much. Maybe a preschool basket or bin?

In the mean time we're enjoying this little space as I collect items and ideas. If you've started preschool or know of any good resources, please share!


  1. She looks very happy with her new corner! Good job mama!

  2. Very cute area. Where are those interesting looking crayons from? Or are they crayons?

  3. I love how happy she looks! And that chalkboard wall is super cute!

  4. Aw, she looks so proud in her new fun space! Great job, Momma!! :)

  5. I'm going to email you a board I have on Pinterest that I have used time and time again with Connor to help him learn. It's been working really well for us.

  6. It turned out to be a great little space. I bet you guys will get a ton of use out of it.

  7. I've been gearing up for some pre-school activities for Sadie as well! I've been scouring pinterest for fun ideas + projects to start up and am hoping we can do some planned educational-type stuff at least a few days a week come fall!

  8. The preschool corner is so cute. I stumbled upon your blog by accident but so glad I did. I'm a fellow Miami girl too! Your family is beautiful and I am definitely a new follower!


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