July 30, 2014

Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish my husband had normal work hours. Meaning he came home every day for dinner, had weekends off, and didn't have to work night shifts.

Sometimes I wish I lived near family. The days are long and the years are short...but boy, some days are REALLY long. Especially no nap days, when someone is losing it at 6:30pm and my house is a disaster. Having grandma around would be a huge help.

Sometimes I wish calories didn't count. I made these smore's bars on Sunday and I've nearly had the whole pan, it's SO good.

Sometimes I wish I didn't get depressed after a family visit is over. It's hard when you realize that you won't see family again for a few months.

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to my friends. Since we've lived in three different places since getting married, we've made so many friends that live all over the country. Florida, New York, Washington, Michigan, California. I wish we were closer!

Sometimes I wish it was possible to do it all- have a part-time job (to keep my brain functioning), a happy toddler, a clean house, a social calendar, and semi weekly trips to the nail salon.

What do you wish sometimes?


  1. Hugs!!! Hang in there, you're double g a great job!

  2. I get all your wishes! So very much so.
    On the rough days, I know that bed time will come and things will be quiet. I can do what I need to do and start the next day fresh and will the hope that it will be better than yesterday.
    Sending a big squeeze your way! Keep your head up, Mommy!

  3. I get all your wishes... like 100%! And sometimes you get one like being closer to family and realize it's not the help you thought it would be... but I especially feel you on the hubby thing. Hugs!

  4. I totally wish I could do it all- finding a balance is SO hard for me!
    Cute post idea- I might have to borrow it :)


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