June 23, 2014

When It Rains, It Pours

It's true what they say, if one thing breaks, another is not too far off. Have you heard of the saying "it comes in three's". Last week we were concerned over my husband's car failing state inspection. We had to pour in some money to fix a few problems. Then I found a snake in the garage a day later, causing us to panic over having to pay someone to remove it. Luckily I have a very brave and smart husband who was able to get it out, both of them unharmed.

Miss A's second year photo shot was on Saturday. We had them scheduled for the morning, so I thought nothing of the fact that our hot water was non existent. We were rushing to get out the door. When we returned home I went into the garage to get something and found this. 

Water. Lots of water. Fortunately nothing was damaged as we keep all our storage against this wall and everything is inside large plastic totes. We turned off our hot water valve and spoke to our parents for advice. We've only been home owners for a year, we have so much to learn! 

After calling several companies and being quoted a pretty penny to fix this, we were pretty discouraged and upset. I was already in a crummy mood because I wasn't too happy with how our morning went. Miss A was NOT in the mood to take pictures and barely smiled. All the ideas I had for poses didn't go so well. We did get a sneak peek at some of our photos though. 

Up on her Dada's shoulders was the only time she really smiled. I'm hoping I like the rest of the pictures from our session. It's so unpredictable with toddlers, you never know how they're going to be! 

Anyway, someone will be coming out this morning to fix our water heater. Two days of cold showers was enough for me! To top it all off, that night we noticed it was getting really warm in our house. The air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. Or rather, any air. It was on, but no air was blowing out of the vents. The icing on the cake! I couldn't sleep I was so stressed out about having to pay for both services and appliances. 

The next day, Sunday, my husband had to work. Miss A and I ventured out of the house to Target and later on the park. It was so much nicer outside than in our house. I don't know what's going to happen with our air conditioner, looks like we have to wait for someone to come out and check on that too.

I know it's just material things and we have so much else to be thankful for. It sure is hard being an adult sometimes! Hopefully you had a better weekend than I did! 


  1. Ugh so sorry about it all. We recently had to replace our air and it wasn't fun, but hey - at least it will be YEARS before we have to worry about it again (hopefully) hang in there! Soon enough everything will be fixed :)

    1. Thanks Amanda. It sure hasn't been fun the last few days. I can't wait until we have a/c again, it's too hot to be without it!

  2. Isn't that the truth!! So glad nothing was ruined by the water - it's such a terrible feeling walking into a room and seeing water where it shouldn't be! And honestly, I have yet to schedule any sort of professional family photos because I know it would play out as a hot mess. The pictures look adorable though!!!

  3. Wow...how are you keeping your sanity??? I hope things start to turn around soon!


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