June 16, 2014

Let's Catch Up!

It's been a whirlwind of activity ever since we got back from our beach trip. Unpacking, car problems, a snake in the garage, catching up with friends, and playing in the sun have occupied our days. I've barely had time to read and catch up on blog, which makes me very sad, as it's one of my favorite times of the day! I'm hoping this week will be more laid back as we no longer have suitcases littering the floor and piles of laundry to wash and put away.

So let's catch up, shall we? First and foremost, the best part of last week was last Tuesday. My friend and author Bethany Neal came out with her very first YA book! I met Beth while we were living in Michigan. We worked together as paraprofessionals at an elementary school and immediately clicked. We have so much in common- from reading, vampire love, movies, cute boys, and nail polish; we also shared the same dream- becoming a published author. Beth was waaaay ahead as she already was writing every day all day after work. I was so impressed and was lucky enough to read her first manuscript.

Anyway, last Tuesday was her book birthday and I went straight away to Barnes and Noble to find her book, My Last Kiss. I squealed and got teary eyed when I saw her book on the shelf. I'm so, so proud of you Beth, I wish I was there to share in the excitement with you!

Since coming back home I've been in full party planning mode. I can't believe this little miss is going to be TWO in just a month. TWO!! She is obsessed with this Minnie nightgown that my grandmother got her and wants to wear it all.the.time.

I found the perfect set of plates, napkins, cups, and straws at Michael's. I'm working on making streamers, banners, and small Minnie cutouts at home. It's quite the project. If you could see my "office" space right now, it's covered with strips of black, white, and pink cardstock. I can't wait to put it all together!

We had a playdate at a splash pad on a really hot day, which Miss A was better about this time around. The first time we went she wasn't all too sure about the sprays above her and stuck to the small ones coming out of the ground. This time she was a bit more adventurous in checking everything out. It ended up raining while we were having lunch and she was so excited to stand out in the downpour. 

Over the weekend we played out on the deck in the kiddie pool and went to a local food truck rodeo. Father's Day was very low key, as my husband was up the night before with a bad stomach bug. :( Poor thing didn't get any sleep and was so miserable! Thankfully he's better now and Miss A and I didn't seem to catch it. 

Have a great week!

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