May 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up- Memorial Day

Three day weekends are not the norm around here. We're lucky if we have ONE weekend day together as a family. Miss A and I were more than thrilled to have "Dada" around for an entire holiday weekend! We made the most of it with a visit from our good friend, spending lots of time outdoors, at the pool, and grilling out on the deck.

It's been a year since we last saw Sheena. We met Sheena while we were living in Michigan; she was a fellow med student who became more than just a friend. She became family. The day Miss A was born, she was there just a few hours later, with a turkey sandwich for me, something I had been missing while I was pregnant (I didn't do deli meat while preggo). She was our first babysitter, the first person we trusted to take care of our daughter. To say we were devastated to be moving across the country is an understatement, yet at the same time, we were so happy for her as she was accepted into her first choice program.

Miss A took to Sheena immediately, as if she remembered her from when she was ten months old. They were pretty inseparable for a few hours; she only wanted Sheena to pick her up and dragged everywhere by the hand. It was so sweet!

We wanted to show her around, so we went to a few of our favorite spots in the Triangle. Our favorite places to eat, explore, and walk around. The weather could not have been more perfect with sunny days and gorgeous blue skies.

We let Miss A run around in this giant field and encouraged her to get dirty. She is such a girly girl already! If you look closely you'll see in the picture above that her toes are curled. She hated the dirt in her sandals!

On Saturday night we went to listen to some live music at our local mall and had dinner out. It was a lovely warm evening, with lots of people out and about. Miss A loved watching all the other kids dance. Eventually she got out of her shell and pulled Sheena to dance with her, and no one else, until the end, when she danced with her Dada. Poor Mama was left out of the fun!

Sheena left Monday morning. We were sad to see her go but we hope to schedule a trip to see her in Washington sometime soon! The rest of the day Miss A and I spent outside while the hubby had some quiet time in the house working on a presentation. He eventually took a break so we could all go to the pool. It was a hot day, the cool water was perfect and so refreshing. Our clubhouse has a separate pool for toddlers that they're able to walk into and she loved it. I can't wait to go again.

Happy unofficial start of the summer!


  1. Great weekend! I love the fact that she hates to get dirty, I was the same way as a kid my mom always tells stories on how much I hated getting dirty (and I STILL hate it til this day!)

  2. What a fun weekend ya'll had! I love that Sheena and A had the chance to reconnect!

  3. Such a great weekend, I loved all your pictures! That is awesome Dada got to home for it all too. We live in Washington too ;)


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