May 15, 2014

It's The Little Things- A Trip to the Garden

I meant to get this post up yesterday for the It's The Little Things link up, but somehow that didn't happen. :) So here I am a day late, eager to share some beautiful pictures of a day trip we took to the gardens.

Miss A and I went to meet the hubby one sunny afternoon a few weeks ago at Duke Gardens. Improv dates with my little family are some of the best days. It's a gorgeous park, with water fountains, a fish pond, flowers upon flowers, and a small cafe. I lathered her up with sunscreen as it was a cloudless blue sky day and put her favorite Minnie Mouse hat on and she was good to go!

Of course she loved the water fountain and wanted to splash around in it. Once she saw that there were flowers to pick, she was all about that. I'm sure we're not technically supposed to pick them...but a few lost here and there is okay right?!

Once Dada arrived we started to explore and walk around. There are so many tall trees and fragrant flowers, I was amazed that this was absolutely free! 

My favorite part was definitely watching her walk around and touch every single flower. Currently her favorite color is yellow, so every flower she saw, she proclaimed that it was "ye-looow". Holding hands with her dada and tugging him along melted my heart.

Warm weather is wonderful thing! I could have stayed here all day with a blanket, book, and some snacks. We were there for about two hours which was plenty of time for Miss A, although we weren't able to see everything. We'll have to make a trip back soon to see what else this place has to offer.

I hope to make it to the zoo sometime soon and can't wait to go to the beach in just a few short weeks. Summer time is the best time of the year!


  1. SO pretty! Looks like a lovely day :) We have a beach trip coming up in a couple months and I'm starting to get super excited about taking my baby girl there for the first time!

  2. What a beautiful garden/park trip! Those flowers - WOW is all I can say. You took some great photos! We are about an hour from Michigan State and they have some amazing gardens -- it might be time for a road trip!

  3. Sooo pretty Christina!! The pictures are just perfect!!


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