May 8, 2014

Health & Fitness Goal Review

Early in the year I made a list of goals for myself. I vowed to eat better, exercise more, complete crafty projects, and decorate our home. I've been working on the last one for the most part, adding a small gallery wall to our family room, a painting to our living room, and other random odds and ends. None of my craft projects have been completed, which makes me sad. I can't seem to finish any of them!

What I really want to focus on now is eating better and exercising more. I've been doing okay, but I could do so much more. Since we got back from Miami last week, I've been eating better and fitting in some sort of exercise every day. I feel good, like really good. I've also stopped drinking coffee because I'm convinced all that creamer I put into my coffee (coffee with my creamer kind of girl) has been making me gain weight. I'm sure it's also all those cookiies and sweet treats I bake I'm cutting back on both. It's day five of no coffee and no sweets (except for an occasional oatmeal cookie), and it's much easier than I thought it was going to be.

The reason for the sudden push? Well, we're going on a beach trip in three weeks (not a lot of time, I know) and I haven't liked how I've looked in a bathing suit since having Miss A. Actually, if I'm being completely honest, I've never been comfortable in a bathing suit. Like ever. The bottoms always seem to squeeze my love handles and I don't have much on top to fill out bikinis. So I've embraced the one-piece, which I actually do like wearing and feel better in. I only have one, because they're so damn hard to find. Am I right? One that doesn't look like it's for old ladies or isn't crazy expensive. Why is it so hard to find a one-piece?!


So, what have I been doing? A few months back I got an issue of Self magazine promising a 22 minute body plan with a list of recipes to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I really liked the options- whole wheat toast with ricotta and maple syrup for breakfast, chicken and broccoli cheese quesadillas for dinner, and steak with broccoli and sweet potatoes for dinner. I've picked and chosen meals from their list every day and while I may not follow their measurements exactly, it is a great way for me to stick to eating healthy. I've enjoyed it and have seen my cravings for coffee and sugar diminish over the course of a few days. It feels really good! I'm not trying to lose 22 pounds; I'm just trying to eat better overall.

As for exercise, well, I suck at it. If someone isn't telling me to do it or watching me do it, I half-ass it and come up with a million excuses not to. I'm too tired, I didn't sleep well last night, I have to clean the house...yada yada. We come up with so many reasons not to. I really wanted to avoid doing that this year and while I have been exercising more than I usually do, I know I could do better. I love group exercise and the energy you feel from being a part of a class so I have been going regularly, sometimes twice a week, to a class. Miss A and I have also been going on lots of walks, with me occasionally jogging as I push the stroller. I'm not a runner. I never will be. And that's okay! I feel good knowing I've done something. When we get home from our walk I'll do some strength training as she runs around and tries to hop on my stomach while I'm lying down doing ab work. It's certainly not easy exercising with a toddler!

How do you stay motivated? What are your favorite healthy recipes? I'd love to hear!

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