May 16, 2014

Five on Friday- Sales, Cookies, and More!

One. Rain, rain, go away

Yesterday it rained for pretty much the entire day. Normally I'd be annoyed by that kind of weather but we've had so many beautiful, glorious sunny days lately that I was okay with it. We made the most of it by meeting up with our friend and her daughter at the mall to play and have lunch. The girls were so mesmerized by the rain that they didn't want a bite of their lunch and stared out the windows.  

Two. Being Silly

Sometimes the best moments are when we're rolling around the floor, not playing with any toys or listening to any music. Just being silly and having fun. This afternoon after attempt at potty training (sigh), we got down on the floor with her stuffed animals and made faces at the camera. Oh how I love this sweet girl!

Three. Party Planning

I might be a bit insane...I'm already starting to plan for Miss A's birthday which is still two months away. I'm knee deep in Pinterest pins, trying to figure out what I can DIY to keep costs down. I came across this tutorial for a birthday chalkboard and I can't wait to get all the supplies and try my hand at this. I love, love chalkboard art but I'm a. not crafty enough for that, b. not patient enough for it, and c. not about to spend $50 on a huge chalkboard.

Four. Old Navy Finds

In preparation for our beach trip, I went to Old Navy searching for a big floppy hat for me and new swim trunks for the hubby. I didn't find a hat, but I did pick up this cute summer dress (in red) for $7 on clearance! Online the price is $, if I were you, check the store first! I also got the hubby two swim trunks, which were also on clearance. Score!

Five. Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Did you know yesterday was national chocolate chip cookie day?! I did not know this until late last night and I'm so disappointed I didn't whip up a batch to celebrate. Guess that will have to be something we do this weekend! I'm thinking of trying out these chocolate chunk cookies with sea salt!

Happy Friday! Hope you have a fun weekend planned- we're going to our neighborhood's pool opening, checking out some food trucks, and tackling some things around the house. Make sure you link up with the ladies for Five on Friday!


  1. It's rained every day this week here in Arkansas... I'm so ready for some sunshine!!! And I love the chalkboard birthday idea! I've seen that on Pinterest, and I think it's adorable!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. i really need to have a chocolate chip cookie this weekend :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. It's been raining like crazy here too which we so need. And $7!!! Go you! Great steal!!

  4. So bummed I missed chocolate chip cookie day! I might have to check out that chalk tutorial because I am not crafty but I always love seeing the cute signs on chalk board!

  5. Oh my goodness! Your daughter Callie is the cutest little thing ever.


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