May 20, 2014

Currently: A Mama Collective

Whew, what a day! I'm beat and ready to turn my brain off. Know what I mean? Just sit back and relax. Before I do so I really wanted to get something written down today. I came across a new link-up this afternoon, called Currently, and loved the message behind it. I also thought it would be a good way to jot down a few quick notes about what's going on right now.

A Mama Collective

Thinking about: Showering. We had a busy day- strawberry picking, park, Target, and I can't wait to get into my pajamas and curl up on the couch.

Reading: The Kitchen Daughter. I don't love it, but I like it. It's been on my to-read list for months and I finally picked it up at the library a few weeks ago. I hate that it takes me so long to finish a book now, this would have taken me a few days to read before baby.

Listening to: the hum of my laptop. Otherwise known as silence. The baby is in bed, hubby is at journal club, and I'm sitting at my desk with the dim light of the setting sun. It's peaceful.

Watching: After my shower I'll probably go downstairs and watch Devious Maids. Do you watch that show? Total guilty pleasure. This season is so much better than the first! Then I'll watch 24 when hubby gets home. We're huge 24 fans and we're so happy it's back!

Thankful for: a great day spent with friends. It'll be a year soon since we've moved here and I'm grateful that we've met so many wonderful people and play mates for Miss A. I couldn't ask for more.


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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Strawberry picking sounds so fun! And I just love both of your hats. What a treat to have found friends so fast after moving to a new place. I commend you for taking that leap and building friendship, that can be so hard. So glad you found us and linked up. }

  2. Um not sure what it did to my comment there. So sorry :/

  3. What a fun thing to do with your little girl! She looks like she had so much fun, and you both look so great in your hats! My mister and I started watching 24 on Netflix, and are so into it. We have a bit of catching up to do, but we are also excited that it is back!

  4. I can't wait to go berry picking this summer with my little! Looks like she had such a fun day and such a cute Minnie hat!! I will have to check this link up out it looks fun!

  5. Strawberry picking sounds so fun and Summery! The pictures are adorable.

  6. Love the pictures~ Miss A looks adorable in that hat :)


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