May 13, 2014

A Penny For Your Thoughts

1. It's hot. Like REALLY hot. Temperatures are already soaring into the 90s and no, I'm not complaining, I actually love it. I'm so excited for our pool to open this weekend and for our beach vacation coming up in the next few weeks. This mama is working hard to get "beach ready" and I really hope I'm happy with the results by the time we get to the beach.

2. I've upped my fruit and veggie intake dramatically this last week. I worked out five times last week, a huge win for me! Between Jazzercise, walks/jogs outside, and strength training at home, I'm feeling good and have SO much energy. It's amazing what eating good and working out can do for your body.

3. Mother's Day was low key around here. Hubby was going to bring me breakfast in bed, but he woke up with a sore throat and migraine. :( So we took it easy and went out for donuts later and took a trip to Target, which is one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon. He also wrote me the sweetest message in my card and I was showered with love from our family who sent gifts, cards, and flowers. What a sweet day!

4. Something else that happened on Mother's Day...while we were at Target, we saw a Minnie Mouse potty training toilet. We snatched it up immediately, there was only one left and frankly that was the first time I saw a Minnie Mouse one. Miss A was very excited about it when we took it out of the box and sat down on it right away. That night, right before her bath, I put her on it and she peed! We couldn't believe it. Then she got up, all proud of herself, and proceeded to stick her hand in the bowl...she hasn't wanted to use it again, probably because we scared her half to death when we said "don't touch that!" Sigh. Hopefully that memory will fade soon. We're not in any rush to potty train.

5. I mentioned how much I'm loving the hubby's current schedule; having him around feels like we're all on vacation. We've been living it up family style with lots of time spent outside, playing in the kiddie pool, watching movies once the mini is asleep (finally saw Wolf of Wall Street, whoaaa), and eating dinner together every night. It's heaven. 

6. I'm sad to see Miss A getting her last few teeth in. The smile we've loved so much with her two bottom teeth won't be around for much longer!


  1. Your meals look amazing! And yay for donuts on Mother's Day & peeong in the potty! I woke up Sunday with a terrible headache and sore throat as well...what the heck?! Glad that neither one stuck around long!

  2. Yay for working out and more energy - good for you girl. And too funny about the potty situation, why do they always want to touch it?!! Haha

  3. Yay for donuts and the minnie potty! So awesome she used it right away too! :) I always feel better on days I workout - it's hard to fit in but when I do I'm always glad I did!

  4. Connor has just 2 teeth left before he is done until his 2 year molars come in and I can't wait to be done with teething. I may celebrate!
    And let's not talk about potty training. I'm stressed just trying the words.


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