April 25, 2014

Five on Friday

One. Jelly shoes

Miss A is obsessed with these jelly shoes from Old Navy. She's never loved a pair of shoes so much and I don't think I have either! Did I mention they're scented? YES. The first few days after I bought them she refused to take them off, wore them all through the house, and even went down for a nap wearing them! I went back hoping to get her another pair in a bigger size and in pink, but they were sold out- in store and online! This makes my Mama heart very sad, we're having sandal war over here; she refuses to wear them, something about having her toes exposed she just doesn't like! So I bought her this pair instead.

Two. Take me to the Garden

Hubby had the afternoon off on Wednesday so we took advantage of the perfect weather and went to the gardens. If you're ever in North Carolina's triangle area, it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! We had so much fun, looking at all the beautiful flowers and stopping to say hello to the fish and chickens. The only thing missing- an ice cream cone.

Three. Packing for a Toddler

We're headed to sunny South Florida this weekend- just me and the toddler. I had it in my head that I could pack everything we needed for five days in a carry-on luggage. HA! What was I thinking? I was doing well, had all the clothes fit snugly, until I realized I still needed her lovies, bath stuff, my makeup, hair dryer, and shoes. Fail.

Four. Influenster VivaVoxBox

Yay, my second vox box arrived last week! In this box I received a spray & go moisturizer, a Shell fuel rewards card, two bottles of nail polish, cleansing cloths, a new lip color, and a clay mask sample. I've already tried out the polish and love the color, it lasted a while too! I'm excited to try out the moisturizer and cleansing cloths next. I've never used a spray moisturizer before so I'm not sure what to expect. I thought it was a tanning bottle when I first opened the box, too bad it's not, I would've loved to try one! 

Five. Family Fun

There will be few posts from me next week while I'm visiting family. Say a prayer for me while I fly back home. The trip will be worth it after seeing my brother graduate from undergrad and meeting my cousin's newborn baby!


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