February 17, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

I've been attempting to write this post all morning! I'm just now able to sit down at my desk, as I listen to Miss A chatting to herself in her crib, occasionally shouting out, "A cat!!" (even though there isn't a cat in her room, we don't have a cat, she doesn't have a cat stuffed animal...) and my husband is downstairs sleeping peacefully. He's off for an entire week. This is huge folks, first year residents are worked to the bone and to have him home for a whole week is the greatest gift you could give us right now. We miss him terribly and there are no words for me to explain how happy Miss A is whenever her Daddy is around.

Miss A is in her crib right now because I'm trying, really really hard, to not give up on naps. Thank you for all your suggestions and comments, we are hoping this is a phase and not the end of naps! As I mentioned last week, she's been on a nap strike for almost two weeks now and the only place she has been falling asleep is in the car. Yes, I have spent many afternoons sitting in my driveway with a book or the iPad soaking in the quiet time. I'm not sure if her lack of naps is what's affecting her night time sleep but lately she has been a wreck. Up screaming three or four times a night, shouting "MAMA" at the top of her lungs and won't stop unless one of us goes in there to lay her back down. I've tried standing at her door and telling her to lie down and go back to sleep but she FLIPS out and it just breaks my heart. We're really at a loss here, and really sleep-deprived. Who knew my child would hate to sleep so much when her father and I LOVE sleep so much!?

In other news, Valentine's Day was pretty low-key around here. We celebrated earlier in the week with our first date night in six months and spent the evening curled up on the couch watching a movie and eating chocolate strawberries.

Miss A loved opening her gifts and was so excited to receive a package from her grandparents and great grandmother with a few of her favorite things- a Mickey Mouse card, a stuffed dog, and a new book. There were also cards and chocolates for me and the hubby, I love that my mom and grandma still think of us! Getting a sweet card or package in the mail can really make your day.

I tried to recreate her photo session from last year and while it didn't work so well I'm glad I did get a few decent pictures. Mama can't help it, I love taking pictures of you!

Hope you're having a good start to your week!


  1. Awww that's so exciting he is off for a whole week, I hope you all enjoy your time together!

  2. Have fun with hubby home!!! Adorable pictures! Xo

  3. Good for you for not giving up on the naps. The cat thing does make me laugh! Kiddos come up with the funniest things. As for your hubby being off, that is awesome and I'm happy you guys get to spend some nice time together. Also with him being home you two can support each other on the napping/sleeping issues :)

  4. Yay for hubs being home...especially with the sleep challenges. As I'm one who has a girlie who often has sleep issues, I'm sending hugs and prayers to you it's just a phase. I read a study the other day about naps and she is definitely not old enough to stop napping entirely (I know, I know--every kid is different ;)). Stay strong, momma...you'll get through it :)

  5. Such adroable photos. Elin naps better in the car right now, too. It's great when I am doing errands and my husband can stay in the car with her. It's not so awesome when I want to go do something. :)

  6. I'm so happy that you get the whole week with your hubby. It looks like you guys had a great Valentine's day! I feel your pain with Miss A not sleeping but it's also comforting to know it's not just my kids who hates sleeping! Have a great week!


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