February 11, 2014

Our Proposal Story

It's the week of love! I thought it would be fun to share a story about us. Instead of taking about how we met (a story for another day) I want to talk about how he proposed! That is more romantic after all.

I was eighteen years old when my husband proposed to me. I had just graduated high school, six months ago to be exact, and it was the day before New Years Eve. We had been dating (does anyone still use that word, we used to say "going out") for four years (high school sweethearts, yes indeed) and had talked about getting engaged while we were in college. He was already in his third year, I was in my first.

Actually, now that I think about it, we even went to look at rings a few months before he proposed. I picked out a few that I loved, including the one he ended up getting, a gorgeous white gold ring, with a heart stone in the middle. I still love it as much as the first day I saw it. I'm so happy he picked the right one!

It was a chilly evening, at least, it was for us Miamians. I didn't know what was in store for that night, only that we were going somewhere new, and that I should wear something nice. I remember looking through my closet thinking I had nothing to wear (very little fashion sense back then, so yeah, that was true). I settled on a black and white sweater and black pants. If I knew what was about to come, I think I would have chosen something better!

We drove up to Miami Beach, crossing the massive bridge into the city, flying by the Port of Miami. The city was aglow with twinkling lights, at eye-level and above. Midnight blue clouds swirled about the sky like puffs of smoke. The air was light, breathy, and crisp. It was a beautiful night and I was a very happy girl, sitting beside my future husband in his ice blue Kia.

The restaurant was on the water, inside the Mandrain Oriental hotel. Our table was outside and overlooked the city skyline. We could hear the splash of the waves crash ever so softly against the rocks. I can't tell you what we ate that night, but I know it was ridiculously expensive and overpriced, but what I can tell you is that my husband got up from the table at least five times! Must have been nerves. The second time he got up, I knew something was up. I told myself not to expect anything, just in case.

After dessert we walked along the shoreline and sat on a bench. At this point I was doubting a proposal and tried not to let my disappointment show. He was still acting kinda funny so I wondered if something else was up his sleeve. It was still really cold and it had started drizzling. We talked for a few minutes on the bench before he suddenly got down on one knee, took my hand and told me all kinds of sweet things (a video camera would have been handy, I would've loved to remember everything he said!) and asked me to marry him. Without a moments hesitation I said "yes!" and there you have it, history was made.

Four years later we were married. A year after that we moved to Michigan. Three years after that we had a baby. Less than a year after Miss A was born we moved to North Carolina. Whatever is next, I'm ready for it! 

All photos credited to Studio by Carmen unless otherwise noted.
For more photos, see Snapshots.


  1. This is so sweet! I love the pictures too. Stunning bride, handsome groom, and beautiful church!!!

  2. Beautiful story! I love your pictures, you looked gorgeous!

  3. So sweet! My husband proposed to me when I was 19 and he was 20 (high school sweethearts as well). We married a couple of years later and now 6 years later we have 2 under 2! It's not too often that you hear young love stories any more! Loved it!


  4. 1. you looked beautiful on your wedding day and 2. I love your story. I would post about mine.. but its.. a little out there!! lol



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