February 12, 2014

It's the Little Things- Part 3

As I sit here to write this post, I can think of so many little things that have happened in the last few days. Cuddling on the couch while watching Mickey. Picking out stickers to decorate our Valentine envelopes. Going down a tunnel slide. Taking a family walk. Watching Miss A pull out an old dog toy from her baby days and falling in love with it all over again.

This weekend was one for the keeping. Memories that I will keep close to my heart and bring forward whenever I'm having a bad day. On Sunday, we didn't do anything special. Daddy was home, for two days (Sunday and Monday) and that was all that mattered to this little girl. She is crazy about him. I swear she gets bored of me and is so happy to see another face, especially her Daddy, and she can't let him out of her sight. She plays in whatever room he's in and constantly runs up to show him something or to be tickled or tossed into the air. There's just something about being a daddy's girl.

The little thing we did on Sunday was get into the car right after lunch to grab donuts. I've wanted to check out this donut place since we moved here and we never seemed to find the right opportunity. With twenty minutes to go until they closed, we bundled ourselves up and picked out three kinds of donuts: creme brulee, chocolate cake, and chocolate pudding. My oh my was it worth the wait!

That's all we did on Sunday. Left the house for a total of 30 minutes and hung out the rest of the day at home. Games were played, movies were watched, and coloring on the floor with markers occurred. There's just something about a lazy Sunday.

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  1. that sounds like a great Sunday to me! Those donuts sound amazing!! YUMMY!

  2. My daughters went thru a daddy phase, I shouldn't say phase. I sometimes felt like chopped liver, haha. As they have gotten older, and they are both different, times have changed and I don't feel that way at all anymore. I think my hubby feels the way I use to.
    Those donuts look fantastic!

  3. Days spent at home and not running all around town can be the best!

  4. I love lazy days! Those donuts look so good!


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