February 5, 2014

It's the Little Things Part 2

I'm quickly falling in love with this new link up I've decided to enjoy, It's the Little Things. It's almost therapeutic to sit back, late at night to write this post as everyone else is sleeping (why am I awake?), and think about any small moments that stood out in the last few days.

Since my last "it's the little things" post, we had a snow day, Miss A came down with a virus, and we had a spur of the moment date night at home.

...decorating cookies on a snow day

...getting dinner inspiration from a friend and having it turn out amazing

...cuddling, the only sweet part about having a sick baby

...throwing together a date night at home to cheer us up after being cooped up in the house with Miss A

...rummaging through her box of bows and sticking as many as I could in her hair 

...sitting outside on our deck in the warm sun 

...getting this adorable picture of Miss A 

...catching up with my husband after a long day of work on the couch 

...finding the perfect shirt for Miss A to wear on Valentine's Day

Those are the little things.


  1. That bow picture?!!! OMG - Christina, I love it!!!! A girl can never have too many bows!!!! :) And the past picture is a heart-melter. :) Thanks again for being a part of this!


  2. that food looks so yummy! a she she looks sooo cute in that last picture! love her expression!

  3. Visiting from the link up. Adorable bow picture!! That is so sweet!!

  4. My little lady is also a fan of multiple bows. Miss A is quite the cutie, I hope she is feeling better!

  5. We have to enjoy all of lifes little moments :)

  6. Love all those little bows! Did she leave them in?! My LO rips bows out of her hair before my hand it away :)

  7. Visiting from the link up...such a cutie! My little was sick this week as well, and you are so right...cuddling is the ONLY good thing! :)

  8. I have fallen in love with this linkup too! Jess and Ashley are just amazing! Hope your sweet girl is feeling better. Such sweet moments you have listed here.

  9. Ok, that last pic is THEE cutest! The bow pic cracks me up too! Thanks so much for joining us!



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