January 8, 2014

Writer's Block- A Mismash of Thoughts

I've got nothing. No new recipes, no cute stories to share about Miss A, no wise words of wisdom. We're settling back in to our routines, seeing our friends again, making some new ones, and spending lots of time together while the hubby is working long, hard hours. I'm sure I'll look back on these days in the future and see them as peaceful, loving, happy days I spent with my daughter.

She's growing right before my eyes and I can't look away. Every day I feel like she's smarter, more aware of her surroundings, funnier, and happier. We're still dealing with getting her back on track sleep wise, hopefully she won't continue to wake up in the middle of the night soon, and her naps will fall back into place. There's nothing worse than being a tired, cranky, sleep-deprived Mom.

I'm looking forward to Spring already. Is that too soon?  I know we haven't had the terrible cold weather that many of you have up North, but I'm ready for the trees to have their leaves and to plant flowers in the yard. Maybe I'll learn how to garden this year! I don't have much of a green thumb, but I'm thinking about giving it a try. Miss A loves to be outside so much that I think she would love to get her hands dirty and "help" me plant some pretty flowers. Being in the house all day does no good to either of us and I miss taking long walks and letting her explore freely with no jacket, hat, and shoes on.

We're working on all sorts of new skills right now. Coloring, holding a fork and spoon (which she's doing really well with), not having a full-blown tantrum when we're frustrated (any tips on that?), and learning colors, numbers, and the sounds that different animals make. Coloring seems to be more fun for me right now, there's something therapeutic about it that I like. She got these crayons for Christmas and I love getting them out to play with. Tantrums are happening all the time, a little more than I would like, and we're wondering how we should be dealing with them. Time-out? How effective is that at this age, and where should I put her for a time-out? She's doing great with numbers, currently her favorite number is five, and will say "FIVE!" nice and loud whenever we're counting something together. Colors are next, and I'm sure it will take a while for her to catch on.

Hopefully my writer's block will disappear and I'll come back at you with more things to share. I think I'll start with some new recipes first, there are plenty I want to make! Blueberry coconut pancakes, quinoa cakes...I'm staying away from sweets for awhile, and trying to eat a little healthier, as I mentioned in my new year goals. Until next time, happy Wednesday!


  1. It was so cold earlier this week that with wind chill that 16ºF seems so balmy now!

  2. You should enjoy these lovely peaceful times indeed!! Things don't always get to slow down like this. I am with you, I am hoping it's spring already but mainly because of the bitter cold up north. Those blueberry coconut pancakes sound like an amazing way to start a weekend! Hope you share them with us.

  3. I just love reading about you guys no matter what. We all have boring days where we don't want to leave house, it at least I do ;) those pancakes sound really yummy though! Good luck with the tantrums, let me know if you get any good tips!

  4. New Bloglovin follower. You should do a day in the life post. I have a baby girl around the same age, it would be fun to see your routine.

  5. I think some of the best posts are those that are a mishmash of thoughts. The tantrums are hard, but I've learned that the most effective thing to do (at least for my kids) is to just ignore the tantrum completely and once they're finished giving them what they wanted or finding something to distract them with. That way they see the tantrum doesn't get them what they want, but good behavior does :)

  6. Getting back to normal is kind of nice, isn't it? Jaqs and I didn't leave the house for nearly 3 days after being gone for 2 weeks, and it has been wonderful! So grateful I can do that.

    And please report back if you have any great advice on the frustration/tantrum thing. Jaqs gets SO frustrated when she can't get something just "so" that it turns into a meltdown. I try to just tell her to be calm and use her words to tell me what she needs help with...sometimes that solves it, but sometimes it doesn't. Poor things, I'm sure it's difficult to understand, but MY GOODNESS it can be exhausting! Haha


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