January 6, 2014

Our Christmas 2013

I'm sure we're all done with Christmas and ready to move on to the beginning of a new year, but I finally found the time to share our Christmas with you! 

We had a small pre-Christmas at home, right before we left to Miami. To lighten our load and to worry about less presents to ship back to us, we figured exchanging our gifts to each other at home would be a good idea. I also wanted to have our own family Christmas, just the three of us!

We started off with stockings, as I used to do as a kid on Christmas morning. If we were up before our parents, we were allowed to take our stockings to our rooms and go through them. Miss A wasn't too sure what all the fuss was about, but eventually she followed along. 

This year was so much fun. Instead of unwrapping all her gifts for her, she was able to do it herself! One piece at a time. 

Grandma and Grandpa left behind one of her Christmas presents when they came to visit for Thanksgiving. She absolutely LOVES the little people happy sounds home. She started playing with it immediately and runs to play with it every morning after breakfast. 

Christmas Eve! We celebrate Christmas Eve with my husband's family. Miss A was definitely the star of the night, opening so many presents and playing with each and every one of them. 

One of my favorite gifts- a handmade apron from Italy! My father-in-law saw a small store while they vacationed there a few months ago that made aprons. I love it and can't wait to start using it!

Our Christmas Eve tradition- new socks to wear as we open our gifts. With one small baby shoe photo bombing. 

Christmas morning! We woke up, jumped into the car, and drove to my parents house. Once again Miss A was showered with gifts and had so much fun opening every single one. She is one lucky little girl!

A new tradition that I'm starting- wearing a ridiculous, large bow in my hair with my little girl. I love this picture to pieces.

Here we are all dressed up to go to my grandmother's house for Christmas dinner.

Her favorite thing to do- run around out-siiiiiide! My grandmother lives on a lake, with lots of ducks, and a large backyard. Perfect for a toddler to run around and play.

Santa dropped by to hand out presents and as you can see, she was not happy about that! I didn't try to get a picture with Santa at the mall because I knew this would be her reaction and I didn't have to heart to do it. This will have to do for now!

We had so much fun with our family and friends. I hate to see it end every year. The best days always go by so fast. I stayed a while longer than my husband, who had to return to a grueling work schedule. January is going to be a tough month for us!

It was really nice to get away from the cold for a little while, even though it was very humid and rainy while we were there. Miami in December is so unpredictable! I can't wait until our next visit, when we will hopefully be able to hit the beach!


  1. So much fun! Love visiting family, especially around the holidays. Little A looked so presh in her fancy dress!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love all these pictures! It's so funny how these little babies look at us like we're nuts when we pull out all the presents. I hear that holidays get very fun around age 3/4 because they understand everything that's going on.


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