January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to this weekend and the one day off my husband has from work. Miss A and her down-spiral of sleeping habits has exhausted me. A nap or two would really do me some good. As usual, I'm linking up for Five on Friday.

1. Downtown Abbey

I'm sure many of you have heard of or watch this show. I may be one of the last few people to jump on the bandwagon, as I've just started watching it! I will say that I wasn't engrossed with it immediately and it took me awhile to get into the characters. I'm almost done with season one now and I really like it so far. If you watch it, does it get better?

2. Decluttering

At the start of every new year I vow to do two things- eat better and declutter. There's something about clearing off all the holiday decorations and letting the house breathe that I love. I'm playing around with our decor and itching to get more pictures and art work onto our walls. I've also tackled my closet and I've got a huge pile of clothes and accessories to give away. Ah, it feels so good!

3. Valentine's Day

Nothing seems to stop stores from whipping out the next stock of holiday merchandise. The candy is out, the red hearts are popping up, and I bought Miss A her first gift- a book from Target's dollar spot. I'd like to make it special for her this year, with heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and red sugar cookies to snack on. I'm sure I'll dress her up in a cute red outfit too!

4. Talk To Me About Music

I could really use some recommendations- what/who are you loving right now? It has been far too long since I've fallen in love with a new singer or band. I play music constantly throughout the day to get me motivated to clean, to dance around to with Miss A, and while we eat. We both could use something new to listen to!

5. Healthy Eating

Who else has vowed to "eat healthier" this year? I'm thinking about printing this out and sticking it in my pantry!


  1. New to your blog from the link-up! It's one of my goals to eat healthier, but I'm finding it to be so so difficult! I like sugar way too much. Good luck!

  2. I love Downton Abbey! Once I started I couldn't stop, so I think I watched the whole first season in a week or more. Be sure to record the second season on your DVR to watch once you're done with S1! It started last Sunday!

  3. I'm in a de cluttering frenzy too!! It feels awesome! I've never seen Downton Abbey, but I hear it's awesome, I should check it out. Have a good one mama!!

  4. Dropping in from the linkup!

    Firstly, i'm not on the Downton Abbey train yet, but I'm sure I will be soon. I'm thinking I'll at least give it a try since I like a variety of shows.
    I totally feel you on the valentines day merch! They do it here with Halloween really bad. It's still a week before Halloween when they roll out the Christmas stuff! I've got a cute little red dress for my baby girl, for valentines day, I'm hoping it fits her by then!
    As for music, I like a variety of that too. I think my favourites would be Matchbox Twenty, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Maroon 5. But I really love some good classic 80s and 90s music too!



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