January 31, 2014

Five on Friday- January Favorites

It's the end of January, thank goodness. Is it just me or did this month seem to drag on forever? It's probably because I'm this.close to losing my mind after feeling like a single mom most of the month. I'm SO ready for my husband's current rotation to be over so we can see more of him again and hopefully have TWO days off in a week to see him! So, for today's Five on Friday post (which is coming to you late, the mini me hasn't let me touch my laptop today!) I thought I'd share with you how I've been surviving with a few of my January favorites/necessities/obsessions.


If you know me, you know I love to be comfortable and cozy, especially during the winter months. I've been wearing Old Navy's Heart & Soul sweatshirt (which has long been sold out) all month long. It's easy to throw on and look put together with jeans or to stay comfy in at home with yoga pants, my second favorite thing to wear! I love any that have a cute fold over top!

I have very dry skin in the winter, especially my hands. There's a bottle of lotion next to every sink in the house so I can lotion up my hands after I wash them. My favorite one to use right now is Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple (also sold out) that I got for Christmas. It smells great and soothes my hands instantly.

I've also got to tell you about my love of pajamas. Since we don't go out very early in the morning (I hate the teen temperatures we've been having) you'll more than likely find me in my pajamas until 11:00. I love pajamas that have a cute print and own waaay to many pairs. I'm currently having problems keeping the drawer shut! And then there's coffee..I was never much of a coffee drinker until a few months ago and I'm still very picky. I'm a "cream coffee" girl and can't handle the taste of REAL coffee. I've had many cups lately to keep up with Miss A, and with all the teething pain we've gone through this month, I think I deserve a new mug to drink my coffee out of!

Happy weekend, be sure to come back next week for a look at our first snow day!


  1. Winter Candy Apple is my favorite, too! Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  2. We like our coffee te same way, or as I like to say....a little coffee with my creamer! ;) I just started making my own about 2 weeks ago and we're liking the change! It's super easy and at least the ingredients are natural. (I tell myself that so I don't feel as guilty!)

  3. I hope that you have a great weekend with your hubby and baby girl! Make the most out of your time together. I love that sweat shirt and lotion :)

  4. I'm loving that sweatshirt and mug - stay warm!! Xx


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